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Imam WDM - The Fruit Of The Serpent

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Imam WDM - The Fruit Of The Serpent

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With the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; Peace and Blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammed, forever. Amen.

There is no G'd but Allah; Muhammed is the Messenger of Allah.

As -Salaam -Alaikum

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Genesis story of Adam and Eve in the Garden has several interpretations on different, but related, levels of scriptural understanding. The ancient writers of scripture were wise enough in their writings and in their use of scriptural symbolism to be able to represent more than one important message with only one story. As example, we will briefly show in this article that the Genesis story of Adam and Eve brings us two important, but different, messages. In fact, there are more than two messages in this story and we will discuss them all in detail when time permits.

First, we will show that the story refers to the grafting of the concept of the Church from a false, unnatural rationale. Second, we will show that the story refers to the deception of the human being's reasoning process by the flesh.


The Church (Christian leadership) preached for a long time that women did not have souls like men. They taught that the woman was made from the physical body of the man, but not from the mind or from the spirit of the man. The evil influence of this kind of false teaching infected the societies of other people who did not have this concept of woman in their scripture, like Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, and Jews. Men all over the world have used this kind of teaching for centuries to keep their women in an inferior position so that they could mistreat them.


Genesis 3:6-8

"And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.

And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.

And they heard the voice of the Lord G'd walking in the garden in the cool of the day; and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord G'd amongst the trees of the garden."

After the serpent had beguiled the woman into feeding the man the fruit of the forbidden tree, they sewed fig leaves together into an apron and went walking in the garden. The "woman" (the falsely-made congregation of the church) and the "man" (which means the church leadership) that had been under a deep sleep were walking together under the trees. This means that they were walking among other societies. Why does the Church leadership fit "man" as a symbol and the Church congregation fit "woman" as a symbol? The Book (Bible) always refers to the congregation as "woman." The Church congregation is also referred to as "G'd's wife" from the earliest books of the Bible. Converts to Christianity are referred to as "G'd's children" and the prophets are referred to as His "sons." The symbol of man fits well because leadership does act in the role of a husband.


The husband looks out for the woman, he protects her, and he provides for her needs. This is the position of the leadership in the Church. The people who are new converts are called "little children" because they accept the voice of the church leadership and they give themselves to the congregation like little children give themselves to their parents. The congregation will take up collections to pay the converts bills, to help them, and to console them. The Church congregation does act as a mother for the newcomer and for weak ones in the congregation, and the Church leadership acts as the husband of the woman.


The Book says that when the snake beguiled the woman, the woman gave the forbidden fruit to the man and he did eat it. This is telling you of the weakness of the Church leadership. The Church leadership is deceitful and devious. Once the Church (the man) is caught in a wrong or in a weakness, it will not confess or admit its wrong. The man in the Genesis story tells G'd that the serpent beguiled the woman. They say that the serpent is the tricky part of the mind. Who is the woman? They say that the woman is the flesh of the man.

The Bible is telling you that when the Church leadership is caught in their wrongs, they are going to blame it on human frailty. They will say, "We are only human beings. My thoughts got confused and my flesh is weak, so I went towards the road of materialism and I forgot the building up of the human nature."


The snake with a forked -tongue is used to symbolize the mind. This means that he does not have one tongue like a man, but he has two tongues. He speaks with truth and he also speaks with lies. The Indians of North America said that the Caucasian pioneers "spoke with forked tongues." The Indians knew what the snake meant. In Indian theology, they still have the snake as a symbol of the mind. There are some snakes that have one tongue like a human being and there are other snakes that have forked tongues.

What part of the mind is described with this picture of the serpent? It is the rational part of the mind.


The whole society of grafted, Caucasian mentality builds everything on rational knowledge. They try to make you believe in high school and in college that rational knowledge is what you are supposed to build everything upon. What is "rational" depends upon the outcome of the processing and of the materials that are used in establishing the rationale. If I, as an individual, put my mind to establishing certain "truths," my reasoning processes will be based upon that "truth" as a foundation whether it is truth or falsehood.

When America establishes its rational truth, do you think that it is accepted in Russia, China, Mecca, and in all parts of the world? No! They are telling you to trust only them and not to trust G'd, the Bible, or religion. They establish for you what is "rational." Once you accept their rationale, you are caught in their trap of so-called rational truth. They know that if you go into a college and your mind is open, you will forget about the Church. You might say, "If there is no rational truth, then what do we have to go on?"

There is a rational truth. But if you use false material in the process of reasoning, you cannot come up with anything but false reasoning. You cannot come up with the truth using materials that are false. When you are reasoning in any given situation, you are using the concepts, the pictures, the definitions, the ideas, or the meanings that have been given to you. So, no matter how much you reason with a false rationale, your solution or your answer will be false.


The reasoning makeup of the human being is a great asset, but someone can corrupt it by feeding it false information. They can deprive a human society of the power of reasoning. When the Bible says that the snake beguiled the woman and she fed the forbidden fruit to the man, it means that the rational process of the human being deceived the flesh. When we come into this world, we do not know anything. We have to learn everything from nothing. If the rational mind of the world is feeding us (the flesh) from the cradle to the grave, the flesh cannot do anything but accept the ideas that are put into it.

The snake in the Genesis story is the deceptive nature of the mind. The mind is rational but it also has the power to glide surreptitiously (snake-like) around the truth. The rational mind is a good thing in itself, but in order to establish weaknesses and lies, it will glide around the truth and present falsehood as facts. If a mind is weak, it is a ready receptor for a false body of knowledge or for a false body of information that the world wants to give it.


In the creation of the Church, the Church leadership was made corrupt. So, it was easy for "the snake" to appeal to a mind that was already false and to feed into that false mind a false rationale. The story says that the snake fed the forbidden fruit to the woman, which means the flesh. All the people of Western society accepted the rationale of Christianity, either directly or indirectly. Do not think that any of you have escaped the Church. Even if you have never been into a church building or have never touched a Bible, you are still a product of the church.


Who is the man to whom the woman fed the forbidden fruit? It is the human will. The human will was originally divine. G'd made the prophet of divine mind; therefore, his will was in agreement with G'd and it was inclined to G'd. The will of the human being will get weaker and weaker if there is nothing in the environment for the will to do. If the will lives in a world of lies, it can do nothing but die. The human makeup of man is like the makeup of his physical muscles. If you do not use moral fabric, the muscles get weak. Also, if you do not use your mental fabric, it will get weak, the muscles will collapse, and your mind will be gone. The will power is the everlasting thing in you, but it can become weak.


In the Genesis, G'd told the man and the woman that if they ate of the tree of the forbidden fruit, they would surely die. But you do not see where Adam and Eve died after they disobeyed G'd. You never questioned it because your mind has been conditioned and programmed to read Christian theology but not to question it. You do not read of the physical death of Adam and Eve because they did not die physically. They died mentally, morally, and spiritually. The serpent told the man and the woman that they would not "surely die."


The man and the woman were still alive physically and their eyes "came open." They died spiritually but their mental eye came open and the desire began to grow in them to learn more about the garden and all of its delights.

When the man's eyes came open, he recognized that he was in a field (garden) which could provide the things he now desired. He was able to learn a new knowledge and he was able to get a broader understanding of the world around him.


Before the man and the woman ate the forbidden fruit of the serpent, they were satisfied with righteousness and a belief in G'd. When they disobeyed G'd and took the unnatural course of human development, their spiritual eye closed and their intellectual eye opened to see all the great benefits of the garden (creation).

When G'd warned the man not to eat of the forbidden tree, did He speak from somewhere out of heaven? No. This symbolic picture means that G'd put in human nature the fear of going against the righteous conscience that is in a person.

Your conscience is not always "right," but it is always "righteous." If you have inferior knowledge, your righteous conscience will be wrong but yet your intentions will be good. If the righteous conscience is in the natural accord with the will of G'd, it will always be "right."


Brother and Sister, it is important for you to know that any man's will can be awakened no matter how long it has been dead if it is approached in the right way. In the will there is also the spirit (the soul). All these parts are related to each other and are spoken of as one body: human will, human soul, human spirit.

There are two definitions of soul. There is the physical soul that comes to you from the breath of the physical world, and there is the soul (called "spirit") that comes to you from divine truth. This soul that comes from divine truth is synonymous with spirit and in this soul is the human will. That soul cannot come alive if the will is not there. Because the will is ever-living in you, it can be approached and awakened.


Once the will is awakened, the will will feed upon whatever it is awakened to. If you awake the will to moral values, the will begins to feed on moral values. By feeding on moral values, it will use its muscles and the will power will become stronger and stronger. The moral values of the human being will build up stronger and stronger. If the will power becomes awakened to the need for knowledge the will power moves the mind to acquire more knowledge. By the will power driving the mind, the muscles of the will become stronger and stronger. The mind accumulates more knowledge and it becomes stronger and it grows bigger.

When the will becomes alive to divine spirit, the same thing happens. The muscles of the will get stronger and stronger. At the same time, the muscles of the will are driving the human spirit to submit and to enlarge itself in the environment of Almighty G'd's presence. In doing this, the spirit becomes bigger and greater.

Qur'an: 81:27-29
Verily this is no less Than a Message To (all) the World:
(With profit) to whoever Among you wills To go straight:
But ye shall not will Except as G'd wills,—The Cherisher of the Worlds.


The will is in the core of the whole human being. In our language, we have inherited the use of the word "will." Muslims say, "If it be the will of G'd." Christians say, "G'd willing."

The will is first in our nature. If there is no will, the person is dead.
Will and incentive (motivation) are closely related. The absence of incentive and the absence of motivation in the African American community have occurred because the will of the community is weak. When you come to Al-Islam, our teachings will revive the weakened will within you. Your motivation and you r incentive will become stronger and stronger and you will begin to grow as a human being in the way that Almighty G'd intends for you to grow.


#1 B.A.FrémauxSoormally 2012-01-13 00:34
"The Genesis story of Adam and Eve in the Garden has several interpretations on different, but related, levels of scriptural understanding."

This is a remarkable article, alhamdulillah.

However, it must be borne in mind that GENESIS IS NOT AN AUTHENTIC TEXT! It was re-written by Ezra after his return from Babylon. From memory, or course, but not from a new revelation from God and some 40 (?) people took part in its re-writing.

Now, there were two texts of Genesis. Only one has been chosen and included in the Old testament. Where is the other one and what does it contain?

This allusion about "God" WALKING in the Garden and humans hearing his foot steps is ridiculous UNLESS we agree that THE GODS (ELOHIM) were in fact those Gods who created men in their image by genetic engineering and using some other already existing creatures.

There is the story of alien beings coming to earth and using slave labour to dig gold for them. And we have the story in Exodus where that gold-loving God chose one nation, the Israelites, above all other people, and rejected all others, and made a Forced Covenant with them as it is very explicitly described in EXODUS.

That God is a pirate, a thief, a murderer, and the Israelites were forced to get (steal) all the gold of the earth and bring it to him as well as everything that was precious upon pain of death.

So, this is the main reason why the Israelites (Jews and Christians) have stolen all (or most of) the gold of planet earth as well as most of its precious resources and have claimed sole ownership on the entire planet and a monopoly on everything valuable to this very day.

The Popes confirmed this religion of piracy and Christendom put its flag everywhere it set foot and took possession for the Vatican or the European monarchs of all lands they had reached.

This is a tenet of the Old Jewish religion to claim ownership of all land where they set their foot.

I make no claim. I am just searching for the truth.

+1 #2 Nashid 2012-01-13 04:29
Brother Bashir, since you are searching I think you may find this to be very insightful and valuable. It addresses much of your comments above.

Imam WDM - History of the Jahcubite
#3 B.A.FrémauxSoormally 2012-01-13 04:39
#2 Nashid 2012-01-13 04:29
Brother Bashir, since you are searching I think you may find this to be very insightful and valuable.


Black Label Nitric
#4 Imam WDM - The Fruit Of The SerpentBlack Label Nitric 2015-07-11 14:18
My brother suggested I might like this web site. He was totally right.
This post truly made my day. You can not imagine just how much time I had spent for this info!


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