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The Truth About 9/11

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9/11 & False Flag Operations

Interviews with Dr. Kevin Barrett

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What follows is a series of interviews with Dr. Kevin Barrett. The interviews addresses a wide variety of topics from the 9/11 false flag event to ISIS to Palestine to Islamophobia and other important issues facing our world today.

The first interview is an interview done by Average Joe Bodybuilder interviewing Dr. Barrett. In it Dr. Barrett addresses how he first became aware of 9/11 truth, his struggles at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and even his encounters with Sean Hannity. Through it all we get a clear picture of a man devoted to truth, willing to make great sacrifices for the cause of truth and determined to bravely share this truth with all regardless of consequences. May ALLAH richly bless Kevin with an abundance of blessings, protect him and carefully guide him to full truths and in all that he does. You can visit and support Kevin's great work at:

1. Interview with Average Joe Bodybuilder

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Ex-CIA Officer: US Congress Arms ISIL in Syria via so-called “Moderate Opposition”

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WASHINGTON- The US congress have armed the extremists of the terrorist organization calling itself the “Islamic State of Iraq and Levant” (ISIL) by providing weapons to the so-called "moderate opposition” in Syria, former CIA counter terrorism officer and Senate Foreign Relations Committee senior investigator John Kiriakou has said, Sputnik reported on Wednesday.

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The Truth About The Mumbai Bombings!

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For just the audio of this program play the file below:

Obama - Departure of the Syanim!

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Mark Dankof joins the program for a discussion you are not likely to hear anywhere else–The departure of 3 of Israel’s most powerful sayanim from the Obama White House–Rahm Emmanuel, David Axelrod and Larry Summers and what it portends for Obama’s future. Also, the Stuxnet virus–a threat against Iran, or the entire world?

Jeff Rense Unmasked!

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Alex Jones the most dangerous man in the ‘truth movement”? THINK AGAIN. For all Jones’ danger as an agent of disinformation, at least he is not ready, willing and able to send armed thugs to the home of someone he disagrees with over politically. Listen as Mark Glenn and Mark Dankof discuss Jeff Rense’s recent threats to have agents of the FBI and Department of Homeland Security visit Mark Glenn's home, where he resides with his wife and 9 children over a personal dispute.