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The Truth About 9/11

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World Rule

Ansarullah, Saudi Crimes, and The Trans-historical Jewish Hatred Of Yemen!

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The Jewish hatred of Yemen exposed!

"There is no greater disservice and there is no greater abandonment of your religion than servicing the enemies of your religion!"


Read more: Ansarullah, Saudi Crimes, and The Trans-historical Jewish Hatred Of Yemen!

Discussion About the End Times and the Role of Iran

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A MUST LISTEN very powerful and thought provoking discussion about Iran and the end times.

Read more: Discussion About the End Times and the Role of Iran

Understanding What is Happening in the Ukraine

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“Liberate The Discourse Part I – Nationalism and Faux Nationalism, from Hungary to the Ukraine”: In a MUST-LISTEN program, the one and only Jonathan Azaziah navigates the minefield of European nationalism, WW2 revisionism, anti-Jewish-supremacism, anti-Zionism, cultural imperialism, how they all interlock and why understanding their interconnectedness is integral to taking our struggle to the next level. You will not hear this kind of analysis anywhere else.


Read more: Understanding What is Happening in the Ukraine

The Tumor of Israel, World Zionism and the Rejection of Jewish Sensitivities

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“Liberate The Discourse Part II – The Tumor of Israel, World Zionism and the Rejection of Jewish Sensitivities”: In yet another master-class showing, Jonathan Azaziah the wonder-kid provides some updates on the ongoing struggles of Dieudonne as well as the Ukrainian front before delving into the continuation of last week’s discussion, sounding the alarm that the hope of Palestine’s liberation lies within the Palestinian people and the Hizbullah-Algeria model, not an adoption of respect for or empathy with their colonizers and oppressors.


India, Pakistan and Occupied Kashmir

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Jonathan Azaziah the wonder-kid introduces “Rage of The Caged”, the fantastic (and final) new single off of his upcoming album “Son Of Kufa Vol.1: Rise Of The Anomaly” and then covers some critical updates from the Lebanese-Syrian front before delving into one of the more fascinating discussions in recent memory on TUT: India, Pakistan, occupied Kashmir, China and what their positions on the grand chessboard mean for our ongoing struggle against Organized Jewish Interests and their quest for a Zionist World Order.


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