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The Truth About 9/11

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Zionist War on Freedom of Speech

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The ongoing takfiri terrorist besieging of the Syrian city of Yarmouk, the Jewish-Zionist war on French comedic genius Dieudonne and why the silence of the “solidarity activist” community on both hot-button issues is destructive not only to the Palestinian cause but the world as we know it. Yet another master-class lesson from the one and only Jonathan Azaziah.


Michael Collins Piper on the Institute for Historical Review (IHR)

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Michael Collins Piper discusses the Institute for Historical Review and it's demise in this 5 part series: 




Mark Weber Exposed!!!

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Michael Collins Piper Interview about Mark Weber exposing Mark's role in the demise of the Institute for Historical Review:


Syed Saboor of America in Focus pointed interview with Mark Weber:



Understanding What is Really Happening in Egypt - Part 3

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Are the uprisings we see in Tunisia and Egypt really Muslim uprisings or are dark forces using the legitimate yearnings for justice and freedom of the masses in these countries to further weaken and break up more Muslim nations? The Muslim world has been plagued with bad leadership like a cancerous disease. To remove these leaders -- who serve the enemies of their people more than the legitimate needs of their people -- is true liberation indeed. But is that what we really see happening in Egypt and Tunisia or is America and Israel manipulating these events to serve their purposes? Please check out this 3 part series of enlightening interviews where these questions are thoroughly explored.

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Mark Glenn Interviews Yvonne Ridley

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