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Understanding Al-Islam

This section presents articles that will help the true truth seeker to understand the religion of Al-Islam. Articles discussing the basic tenets of the religion, religious philosophy, and Islamic history as well as articles dispelling common myths, propaganda and deliberate misinformation are also presented. In this open season of outrageous attacks against Al-Islam and Muslims, it is very important that the true truth seeker be able to ascertain truths from falsehood. The articles in this section will help in that process.

Imam WDM - How Islam Promotes Healthy Citizenship

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(Imam W. Deen Mohammed gave this lecture at the University of Wisconsin on Oct. 5, 2002.)

Thank you and we thank G-d, the Lord and Cherisher of all the worlds. We witness that He is One. And we witness that Muhammed to whom the Qur'an was revealed over 14 centuries ago is His Servant and His Messenger and a Mercy to all the worlds, as G-d says in our Holy Book.

The way that Islam promotes healthy citizenship is very easy to address. It only takes a very few words, although I will give the topic more of our time. We know that what makes the society, the city or town bad for us is the people who are bad. Without bad people, towns are good.

So the simple answer to how Islam promotes healthy citizenship is by promoting healthy minded people. Christianity says, as I read in the Bible, "as a man thinks in his heart, so is he." It didn't say, "thinks in his head"; it says, "thinks in his heart." It connected the heart with the thinking.

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