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"War On Terror" in the US

What has been the effect of the "war on terror" in the US? The effect has been devastating for American Muslims. In order to justify a "war on terror" and have Muslims viewed as waging a war against the US, many wrong arrests and false charges were levied against American Muslims by the government. These false charges and arrests were publicized widely and prominently in all the major news outlets. Upon trial more than 95% of the terror charges were dismissed. This vindication of Muslims received little to no publicity.  The few remaining cases where Muslims were found guilty were cases involving charitable organizations and individuals helping Palestinians and sting operations where Muslims were set up by law enforcement agencies. This section will present articles dealing with the "war on terror" in the US.

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America’s Dirty War on Islam Written by Stephen Lendman 3675
FBI account of 'terror plot' suggests sting Written by Gareth Porter 7104
A Tale of Two Prisoners: Aafia and Raymond Written by Dr. Fowzia Siddiqui 3404
Siddiqui: wrongfully accused! Written by Administrator 3908
Egregious assault on human rights in the US Written by Seyfeddin Kara 3879
The "mosque" debate is not a "distraction" Written by Glenn Greenwald 1742
The Zionist Strategy of Demonizing Islam Written by Anait Brutian 5406
The Truth About US Justice Written by Yvonne Ridley 1961
In US, giving Mideast charity could lead you to prison Written by Amy Goodman 1401