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Natalie Portman Shills For The Zionist War Machine And Spews Lies On Syria: Jewish Hollywood’s Power In Action

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Natalie Portman Shills For The Zionist War Machine And Spews Lies On Syria: Jewish Hollywood’s Power In Action

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"The unequivocal need to resist oppression is not a lifestyle adoption or a political transformation. It is an eternal symptom of the human condition." ~ Jonathan Azaziah

Natalie Portman: 
Hollywood superstar,
devoted Zionist,
Jewish supremacist
and shill of the "Israeli"
war machine.
The “humanitarian hawks of Hollywood” are at it again and this time their target is Syria. First it was CFR member, daughter of Nakba denier Jon Voight and Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations Angelina Jolie declaring “some sort of intervention is absolutely necessary” because “we just must stop the civilians being slaughtered”, then it was UK best-selling singing sensation Joss Stone stating with vigor that “these stories have to be told” because if not, the “massacres will just get worse” (1), and now it is movie megastar Natalie Portman ranting about “President Bashar al-Assad’s ongoing brutal attack on the citizens of his own country” and posting a picture on Facebook with a note that says, “Unite For Syria. Stop One Year of Bloodshed.” Portman’s hysteria has been followed by singers Annie Lennox and Nelly Furtado, as well as legendary “liberal activist” actress, Susan Sarandon (2). 

What separates Natalie Portman (real name: Natalie Hershlag) from the other “humanitarian hawks of Hollywood” is that she is an “Israeli”-born Jew with a strong Zionist identity, the daughter of an illegal settler from occupied al-Quds and is very much connected to the Jewish kinship networks of international Zionism. Syria of course, is a major adversary of the Jewish supremacist entity which has long sought to overthrow the Bashar al-Assad government and colonize Syrian land as part of “Greater Israel.”

A fluent speaker of Hebrew (3), Portman is very much attached to the usurping Jewish entity, once stating, “I really love the states, but my heart’s in Jerusalem. That’s where I feel at home.” And also, “Anytime anything happens to anyone there, it’s like a limb’s been ripped off. I’m very protective of Israel, obviously, but I’m more protective of humanity than of any of my own personal desires (4).” This, as it will be demonstrated by the evidence, is a blatant and purposeful falsehood; the only humans that Portman cares about are those of Jewish origin.

It is typical of the mentality of the Judaic supremacist to feel coziness on land that they, their parents and/or their ancestors criminally usurped from the indigenous people. And speaking of usurpation, the Zionist actress also studied for 6 months at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (5), an institution very much tied to the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people during the (ongoing) Nakba. From May 1948 to February 1949, Jewish National Library and Hebrew University Library officials entered the West al-Quds homes of Palestinians driven out or massacred by Zionist terrorist forces and stole 30,000 books, newspapers and manuscripts, half of the total number of written works stolen by the Jewish occupiers in the aftermath of Plan D (6). Assuredly, Portman, who went to the occupation school to “learn more about the situation there (7),” learned nothing of this terrible and tragical crime against humanity. 

Natalie Portman
was the star of "Free Zone,"
an "Israeli" propaganda 
film centered around the
disgraceful Zionist concept
of "Palestinian terrorism."
Nor would she want to know about it even if it was presented to her for Natalie Portman is a Zionist, through and through, lock, stock and barrel. She has starred in an “Israeli” propaganda film called “Free Zone”, centered around the ugly Jewish paradigmatic concept of “Palestinian terrorism” and has visited “Israeli victims” in Zionist occupation hospitals hurt by Palestinian Resistance responses to the Zionist entity’s aggression (8).True to her tribalism, when 1,000 actors, directors and academics raised their voices against the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival for being “complicit in the ‘Israeli’ propaganda machine” and slamming the usurping Zionist dragon as an “apartheid state,” Portman was right there to affirm her support for “Israel,” becoming a signatory to a counter-protest in defense of the Jewish “state (9).” She did say that she was very protective of the genocidal entity.

During her studies at Harvard, Portman displayed her “protectiveness” again by lashing out with absurdity at a fellow student who rightly condemned the Zionist regime for the crime of “apartheid,” as well as its egregious racism. Her warped argument is as follows, “This {the aforesaid student’s observation of Zionist apartheid} is a distortion of the fact that most Israelis and Palestinians are indistinguishable physically. The Israeli government itself is comprised of a great number of Sephardic Jews, many of whom originate from Arab countries (10).” Stunning would not be an accurate enough term for the level of massive stupidity that this represents. This shouldn’t be so surprising however, as Portman also staunchly believes the age-old, monstrously moronic Zionist myth that “Israel,” where she says her “insides refuse to abandon”, is the place “where deserts bloom (11).”  

Someone should’ve told Portman then and someone should still tell her now that a similarity in physical characteristics is utterly and pathetically irrelevant. “Indistinguishable physicality” doesn’t change the fact that Zionist Jews have been illegally colonizing Palestine since 1881; that Zionist Jews have established at least 30 racist, discriminatory laws that deprive Palestinians of their basic human rights; that Zionist Jews have based the entireties of “Israeli culture” and “Israeli identity” on the theft of the traits from the indigenous Arab peoples that they colonized, mass murdered and usurped, from food to folklore and that while the Zionist regime practices apartheid, amongst other crimes, it is something far, far worse and far, far sinister (12). 

Portman should also be reminded that the Arab Jews are not called “Sephardic” but “Mizrahi,” and that intra-Jewish racism against Mizrahim due to their Arabness is a regular staple of “Israeli” society, as most recently evidenced by high-profile Zionist rabbi Yehoshua Zuckerman declaring, “A Moroccan Jew can’t match Ashkenazi knowledge (13).”Mizrahim have faced “humiliating and sometimes horrifying discrimination” since the establishment of the Zionist entity, infamously getting sprayed with DDT on arrival because the Ashkenazi elite considered them dirty (14). Unfortunately, this historical racism has not deterred Mizrahim from participating in the criminal occupation or being any less brutal than their Ashkenazi brethren; they are as disgustingly supremacist as anyone else in the usurping entity. But like most Zionists, “facts” are of no matter to Natalie Portman, who would much rather wallow in the delusional Jewish romantic narrative known as Zionism. 

Alan Dershowitz
is a Jewish supremacist, 
one of the crudest
"Israel" apologists 
in the United States
and the mentor of
Natalie Portman.
And if Portman actually believes that the Jewish invaders who raped Palestine “made the desert bloom,” someone should suggest that she give a thorough reading to “The Sacred Landscape: The Buried History Of The Holy Land Since 1948”, the book of former occupation mayor of “her city,” al-Quds, Meron Benvenisti, who describes in no certain terms what the Zionists actually did to the holy land,“Only a fraction of the olive groves were cared for and cultivated, whereas the vast majority were neglected. Tens of thousands ofdunams of olive trees were uprooted to make room for field crops. The {overall} destruction of hundreds of thousands of dunams of fruit-bearing trees does not fit Israel’s self image as a society that knows how to “make the desert bloom (15).” It is rare for a Zionist to spout or write words of truth, but that is exactly what Benvenisti does here. 

It is at Harvard where Portman would first become a vital asset to the usurping Zionist entity’s global machinations. It is at Harvard, the prestigious educational powerhouse that gave a platform to genocidal “Israeli” WINEP warmonger and Shalem College President Martin Kramer, who opined that Palestinian births should be “curbed (16),” where Portman served as a research assistant to none other than Alan Dershowitz (17), one of the most vocal, visible and voluminously vile proponents of Zionism in America. Apart from being a hardline Zionist that thinks defending “Israel” is a “secular religion,” Dershowitz is also an arch Jewish supremacist who believes “fighting for Jewish survival against their enemies is a sacred mission” and who revels in the dominance of Jews in entertainment and media (18). The “research” Portman provided to Dershowitz was for his hasbara extravaganza, “The Case for Israel,” a work since beaten to a pulp and debunked by Norman Finkelstein in “Beyond Chutzpah” but nevertheless, still touted in Zionist circles.  
V For Vendetta:
Blockbuster of
Zionist propaganda.

Portman would provide international Zionism with an even greater service when she starred in the 2005 dystopian “revolution” film, V For Vendetta, a Zionist thriller filled to the brim with psychological projections of Adolf Hitler, Nazism and the Holocaust® which has captivated a generation worth of would-be activists and patriots and brainwashed them into parrots of Jewish propaganda, whether they are aware of it or oblivious. The film has punctured holes in activist networks, opening them to subversive Jewish interests and allowed the Zionist Power Configuration to manipulate dissent and control discourse. And the fact that an “Israeli”-Jewish actress is playing the heroine of a film in which a “Nazi-like” totalitarian state is the villain is truly telling (19). When all of this “Israelcentrism” is taken into consideration vis–à–vis Syria, it can easily be deducted that Natalie Portman isn’t participating in these activities out of “humanitarianism” but commitment to the global Jewish-Zionist agenda. 

Syria is caught in the
throes of a trap set by
the usurping Jewish entity
and its Zionist allies in America.
Syria And Sudan: Under Assault From The “Israel”-Hollywood Nexus

Since March 15th, 2011, the Syrian Arab Republic has been assaulted by a ruthless conspiracy of destabilization originally designed by the agents of the usurping Jewish entity and the morally bankrupt House of Saud in 2004. Using the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) as the chief proxy and assisted by the United States government, collaborationist Turkey, Zionist-run France and the atrocious Future Movement of ex-Lebanese Premier Sa’ad Hariri, the conspiracy has fomented civil war across Syria. The Ikhwan rebels have committed unspeakable crimes against humanity and their affiliates in the West, House Arabs always connected to Zionist organizations like the National Endowment for Democracy, keep the heinous propaganda flowing.“Israeli”-NATO war plans to overthrow Bashar al-Assad and replace it with a pro-“Israel”, pro-Saudi regime are already very much in place (20). The blood spilled already by this Zionist-Saudi counterrevolution is unconscionable.

The Syrian National Council, pseudo-government body of the Ikhwan rebels, a group of Zionist puppets and Saudi-backed thugs, is in contact with“Israeli” media and with the help of Turkey, is receiving $1 million from the ambitious and filthy GCC giant Qatar every 5 days (21).And if the situation wasn’t horrific enough, neoconservative Zionist warmongers Joseph Lieberman and John McCain just met with the Ikhwan rebels in a blatant display of international meddling in Syria’s affairs (22). The remarks of Natalie Portman and her Hollywood constituents are coming at a crucial time when the ante has been upped to gain international support for another all-out “Jewish war of survival”, one that is right around the corner and literally sitting and wobbling on the fence, waiting to be waged. 

The "Save Darfur"
hoax: a project of
the American Jewish
community and the
criminal Zionist entity.
Syria is in the sights of Hollywood like the oil-rich North African nation of Sudan before it. Accusing the government of Sudan, led by President Omar al-Bashir, of committing genocide by massacring over 200,000 innocents in the western Sudanese region of Darfur, the “Save Darfur” coalition mobilized support and pushed for “conflict resolution.” Using ultra-celebrity George Clooney and a plethora of other high-profile actors to “sell” the agenda, Save Darfur “begun exclusively as an initiative of the American Jewish community,” with powerhouse Zionist havens like the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan, United Jewish Communities, UJA-Federation of New York, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the Jewish Community Relations Council, Yeshiva University and the American Jewish World Service aiding and abetting the dissemination of hasbara (23). And hasbara it absolutely was, as the “genocide” accusation and “200,000 innocents massacred” charge, which in certain neoconservative arenas had ballooned to as high as 300,000 dead, were both hideously false exaggerations based on zero evidence (24). 

As reported by well-respected, Eritrea-based investigative journalist Thomas C. Mountain, in a critical report downplayed, ignored, denied and buried by varying elements of the octopus-like Zionist media, tens of millions of dollars from the $100 million (or higher) collected by the Save Darfur campaign wound up in “Israeli” banks to fund illegal Zionist settlements in the occupied West bank (25). This damning information confirmed that the Jewish organizations that birthed Save Darfur were not acting out of compassion for the Sudanese people but for the interests of the usurping Zionist regime. 

It was this faux “humanitarianism” that provided perfect cover on the international stage while “Israel,” along with its marionettes in Uganda and Ethiopia, amplified the subversive Zionist warfare that had been waged on Sudan since the 1950s (26), and completed the goal of cracking the country in half, North Sudan and South Sudan, with the Zionist entity taking control of the natural resources in the latter (27). It is also vital to note that both Sudan and Syria, targets of the “humanitarian hawks of Hollywood,” are both prominently mentioned as candidates for Jewish balkanization in the landmark paper of “Israeli” foreign policy advisor Oded Yinon, “A Strategy For Israel In the 1980s (28).” This isn’t a coincidence by any stretch of the imagination.

This August 1996
issue of the Jewish
magazine "Moment"
says it all: "Jews Run
Hollywood! So what?!"
Zionism and Jewish Hollywood: A Dangerously (and Historically) Symbiotic Relationship

Given Natalie Portman’s origins and her past with a Zionist stalwart like Dershowitz, the fact that she would lend her voice to give credence to such significant foreign policy objectives of the usurping Zionist entity indeed shows that there is a Jewish connection which permeates academia, entertainments and politics from the United States to “Israel.” It is this global Jewish-Zionist network, which also includes the Jewish religious establishment, “Israeli” intelligence and a consolidated group of tribal billionaires that organized, promoted, executed and profited from the annihilation of Iraq (29), and it is this network, which Natalie Portman is very much a part of, that seeks the exact fate for Syria.

It can never be stated enough that Jews are in full control of Hollywood (30). Again, Jews are in full, as in complete, as in total, as in absolute control of Hollywood (31). Every major American film studio was founded by persons of Jewish extraction, and this Jewish monopoly over Hollywood (film and TV alike) has continued uninterrupted to this very day. These Jews are deeply attached to the usurping Zionist entity, and as a result, Hollywood has exclusively operated from an “Israelcentric” perspective from the very start, in which “Israeli” interests are promoted and Jews and “Israelis” are always good, always heroes, and Arabs, as well as Muslims, are always bad, always villains, dirty terrorists, ignorant desert-dwellers, murderers, scoundrels, etc. This Jewish-fueled bigotry runs so deep, it even extends to children’s cartoons (32).“Israelis” themselves have premier sway over decisions that are made in Hollywood (33), and the entertainment capital of the world has even served as a front for illegal Zionist nuclear activities and gun running (34).

In fact, the relationship between the Zionist entity and Hollywood is a “deepening” one and the two Jewish enclaves are “closer than ever before,” with more and more Hollywood Jews getting in touch with their ‘inner Zionist’ and making pilgrimage to the Jewish “state” and more and more “Israeli” television shows being adapted by Hollywood Jews for American television screens. The fortune that Jewish Hollywood is making, selling the Zionist agenda and indoctrinating all who immerse themselves in it, is intertwined with that of the usurping Zionist regime’s (35). Another key element of the Hollywood-“Israel” relationship isnormalizing the malevolent brutality of the occupation regime, improving its image “enormously” on the international scene through the importation of “Israeli” experiences and Hollywood’s implementation of them into film (36). Hence, the need for actresses like Portman who represent both sides of the same Zionist coin, “Israel” and Hollywood.

Natalie Portman does
care not about Syrians,
Sudanese, Lebanese,
Palestinians or anyone
else for that matter; she
cares only for "the tribe."
Conclusion: Portman’s Inhumanity And How To End Jewish Supremacy

When Natalie Portman said, “I’m more protective of humanity than of any of my own personal desires,” she was not only being disingenuous, she was maliciously lying through her teeth. She is helping build the hasbara against Syria because she is protective of the criminal Jewish “state,” because taking down Syria is very important to Zionist aims, not because she is “protective of humanity.” She is shilling for the Zionist war machine because it is her duty to do so as an “Israeli” citizen; as a constituent occupier.

If she gave anything worth a damn about humanity, it wouldn’t have been “Israeli” hospitals that she visited several years ago, but Lebanese hospitals, in summer 2006, when the genocidal Zionist regime wreaked havoc on Lebanon for 33 days, murdering, wounding or displacing hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children. It would’ve been Palestinian hospitals that she visited in illegally besieged Gaza, where the murderous Jewish entity animalistically butchered innocents for 21 days during Operation Cast Lead. It would’ve been Iraqi, Afghan, Yemeni, Pakistani or Libyan hospitals that she visited, where millions of men, women and children have had their lives stolen from them by the Zionist “war on terror.” How dare this person, this hasbaranik and usurper, even utter the word “humanity” when it is so translucently obvious that it is inhumanity that she represents. How dare this person, this Jewish supremacist and charlatan, speak of “stopping bloodshed” when every drop of innocent Arab and Muslim blood that her beloved “Israel” spills is on the hands of her and her odious tribal ilk.

This precious Lebanese child,
brutally murdered in the Zionist
entity's 1996 shelling of Qana,
doesn't register as a part of
"humanity" for Natalie Portman.


As much of a necessity as it is to free the lands of the oppressed from the parasitic presence of Zionism, it is just as much of a necessity to dismantle the global Jewish-Zionist network that upholds it. It is like a tribal machine and one of the most important engines that guarantees its inertia is the “chosenite” filth festival known as Hollywood. And if there is any denying that this network is important to the existence of the usurping Jewish dragon poisoning the holy land, please do note that donations (in the billions) by American Jews to Zionist organizations have doubled, repeat, doubled in the last 12 years, solidifying that the American Jewish community as a collective is very much committed to the preservation of “Israel (37).” 

By gutting the network of international Zionism and leaving it in shambles with no power, the criminal “Israeli” regime’s most strategic lifeline will have been severed. Only then will Jewish supremacy over the global landscape begin to wane and this can only be done if its might and inner workings are unambiguously discussed and relentlessly exposed to the public. End the Jewish Lobby. End Hollywood. End the Zionist stranglehold over academia. End the Jewish-Zionist stranglehold over the media. End it with the truth. Speak the truth fearlessly and liars will disperse in fear. Speak it for the slaughtered Lebanese and Palestinian children that Natalie Portman refuses to even acknowledge. Speak it so persons like Natalie Portman and her overlords never have a prominent place in society ever again. 

~ The End ~


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