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NEWS DIGEST: Assad: Terrorists ‘fighting for Israel’ in Syria

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NEWS DIGEST: Assad: Terrorists ‘fighting for Israel’ in Syria

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Maisoon  ميسون      Prayer some excellent articles [Arabic]

Assad: Terrorists ‘fighting for Israel’ in Syria


AMERICA AN DTRUMP ARE LIARS, DECIEVERS and SYRIA would do well NEVER TO TRUST THEM and BE WARY OF RUSSIA TOO as it is close to Israel. When you SEE the Zionist {Neocon] Jews around Trump, you cannot be sane in accepting or trusting Trump’s overtures. Westerners have NEVER EVER HONOURED any agreements with Arabs, always pretending and then stabbing them all in the back as they become surplus to their requirements. Syria does NOT need America’s permission to survive and defend its ancient Nation. Honour, Justice and Freedom can never be bought or compromised or negotiated as part of a phony foreign policy deal. TRUMP is a ZIONIST controlled LIAR

Donald Trump’s Message of Cooperation to Bashar al-Assad

The editor-in-chief of Lebanon’s prestigious al-Akhbar newspaper, Ibrahim al-Amin, has revealed in his recent editorial that Tulsi Gabbard, the United States Representative for Hawaii whose trip to Syria in January and meeting with Bashar al-Assad was widely reported in media, had conveyed President Trump’s offer of cooperation to Assad during the meeting. The editorial in Arabic is full of detailed accounts of Gabbard's conversations with Assad, her airport handlers, security detail, etc. Although al-Akhbar newspaper generally takes the side of the Assad regime against the Syrian opposition but its reporting over the years, particularly on the conflict in Syria, has been fairly balanced, insightful and highly credible.



America doing what it has always been best at- murdering entire nations, and most of it on behalf of and for Eretz Israel

SYRIA: Trump and Netanyahu Lead us to Brink of Another Oil War in Golan Heights

March 30, 2017 By Vanessa Beeley


US-Led Coalition to Create Zones of Stability in Syria

A meeting of the US-led anti-Islamic State coalition of 68 countries – the first meeting of the coalition since Donald Trump was elected US President – was held in Washington last week. It was announced that the US policy’s goal is creating «interim zones of stability» – the term used by State Secretary Rex Tillerson. It stops short of «safe zones», which the American military leaders are reluctant to use, despite of the fact that it is used by members of administration. It does not change the gist of the matter, meaning by and large the very same thing.


US to Balkanize Syria Under Kurdish Pretext
By Marwa Osman

What we are watching is turning out to be traces of a plot against a government elected by the American people.    -


Al Qaeda Is Attacking Syrian Cities with US Weapons - but You Wouldn't Know That from the Media
By Ben Norton

Rebranded Syrian al-Qaeda, Tahrir al-Sham, has been leading offensives in Hama and Damascus while mainstream media whitewash it.   -


SYRIA: Washington’s Kurdish Pawns in the Geopolitical Chess Tournament

Sarah Abed | The misuse of the Kurdish people to ensure US and Israeli hegemony in the Middle East


SYRIA: US and Israel Backed Kurdish Bid for ‘Autonomy’ is Doomed to Failure

April 1, 2017 By 21wire

Jon Wight | Note to the Kurds – ‘Whatever imperialism gives with one hand, it can and does obliterate with the other.’


SYRIA: Washington’s ‘Greater’ Middle East Project – Hand in Hand with Israel

March 30, 2017 By 21wire 1 Comment

Sarah Abed | The Washington Project to divide, destroy and conquer Syria

The US-led coalition of war criminals is using elements of Syria’s Kurdish population to achieve the U.S Empire’s goal of destroying the non-belligerent, democratic country of Syria, led by its hugely popular, democratically-elected President, Bashar al-Assad. 

Empire seeks to create sectarianism and ethnic divides in a country that, prior to the Western-launched criminal dirty war, had neither.

President al-Assad is well aware of the imperial forces behind the mercenaries invading his country. In a speech to the newly elected members of the People’s Assembly of Syria (Syria’s Parliament) on 7 June 2016, he elaborated upon the modus operandi of the invaders:

• They seek to attack the constitution by means of a so-called “transition” stage.

• They seek to destroy the two pillars of the government: the army and the diverse, national, pan-Arab and religious identity of Syrians.

• They seek to rebrand the savage terrorists as “moderates” and then to eternally provide them with a cover of legitimacy.

• They seek to create chaos, sectarianism, and ethnic enclaves that turn the people’s commitment from the homeland to conflicting groups that seek help from foreigners against their own people.

• They seek to be branded as “humanitarian” and “protectors” to save the people from (externally engineered) conflict and misery

By imposing economic and armed terrorism on Syrians, by waging a phony war against their own terrorist proxies (including ISIS and al Qaeda), by creating sectarian and ethnic tensions, and by destroying Syria’s infrastructure — including water and electrical infrastructure — the Western, Zionist, and GCC agencies of terrorism seek to be perceived as saviours, humanitarians and protectors, who can then introduce the “free market” of international capital, which will be the coup de grâce to effect the final destruction of the host country. And mainstream fake news provides the criminal warmongers with on-going, 24/7 cover to commit their war crimes.………………………………’

US military footprint grows in Middle East, with no endgame in sight: 
Two months after the inauguration of President Trump, indications are mounting that the US military is deepening its involvement in a string of complex wars in the Middle East


If this dam goes, it will drown thousands of people in Syria and also would affect Iraq too

SYRIA: The Tabqa Dam Saga or War for Water

March 31, 2017 By 21wire  

Steven Sahiounie | The Tabqa dam story is proving to be hard to unravel satisfactorily


Monitoring groups say US behind deadly air strike on Syrian dam: 
Two Syrian monitoring groups say that a US-led coalition air strike was probably behind the killing of two local experts trying to repair a dam during a pause in fighting in the embattled Tabqa region of Syria


Syrian : Watch: ISIS Retreats From Northeastern Sweida:
Jaysh al-Izza actively uses US-supplied TOW anti-tank guided missiles against the government military equipment and manpower inflicting notable damage and casualties. Intense clashes continued along the whole frontline


ISIS is Obama's Legacy: Strip Him of His Nobel
By Scott Stockdale

The "poorly kept secret" that the Obama administration helped create and then support ISIS, is slowly leaking out.   -


Nobody Needs To Know How Many US Troops Are Fighting ISIS, Pentagon Declares; 
U.S. Central Command will no longer give out the number of troops headed to Iraq or Syria in the fight against the Islamic State, the Pentagon declared Monday.




The Israel, Hezbollah Stand-Off, Who Will Blink First?


‘..“Netanyahu crawled to Moscow to beg Putin because he fears the defeat of ISIS, since a victory over ISIS would signal a failure for him and victory for the axis of the resistance”.


Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hezbollah, 15th of March 2017.


You walk across the border line between Occupied Palestine and Lebanon and everything seems quiet and serene, but that tranquility hides a lot of silent buzzing. In fact, the Israeli entity has been working openly and secretly in the land and the sea in preparation for a new Lebanon war and have been acting recently towards that objective.


Israeli war companies have begun testing sea-based drones to patrol regional waters and rain down high-powered missiles against land and naval targets. On March 9, Sputnik reported that the Israeli entity’s Navy had conducted its first testing of a Spike missile from an unmanned surface vehicle. While unmanned aerial vehicles have been increasingly represented across military portfolios, Israel is working now on an unmanned remotely-operated surface vehicle in those Spike missiles.


Hariri: Israel wants new war against Lebanon





Aiding Saudi Arabia's Slaughter in Yemen: News analysis - 
President Trump is following the same path as his predecessor, bowing to the Saudi royal family and helping in their brutal war against Yemen

YEMEN: “Saudis, Emiratis and USA are Inflicting a War of Genocide Against the Houthis ~ Prof. Francis Boyle


Iraqi WMDs Anyone? Washington Post Makes Unfounded Claims Of Iranian Supplies To Insurgencies

The Washington Post falls back into its 2005 mode of blaming Iran for the capabilities of a local insurgency. This time it is not Iraq where Iran is allegedly providing to insurgents, but Bahrain. Old and debunked claims are hauled up and propaganda from the U.S. proxy Sunni dictatorship is cited as "evidence". It is a top-right front-page story in the Sunday edition and thereby "important". It is also fake news.


Theresa May represents everything that is UGLY about British Colonialism. This has nothing to do with DAESH but more to do with protecting their military assets in Jordan, protecting their puppet, the phony king that the British created. Like their phony Saudi Monarchy. Rule Britannia wishes to return to its ruling heyday in the Arab countries that she once ruled and their compliant installed rulers are as subservient as ever, much to their shame and to the tragic embarrassment of  most decent Arabs who these infamous rulers do not represent.


UK military to train Jordan’s air force


Media’s Orwellian Newspeak to Justify Violence

During the Libyan intervention and the Syrian civil war, the Western mainstream media has invented a whole new lingo to serve the agenda of political establishments. Although a voluminous encyclopedia can be written on how the corporate media employs subtle deceptions and diversionary tactics to mislead public opinion but in this short essay, I will only expose the hidden meanings of three phrases that have been used ad nauseam by the news media in the last few years: that are, humanitarian intervention, moderate rebels and terrorism.


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