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Iraq bleeds and Donald J. Trump is he who inflicted the wound. Fresh off committing massacres and destroying infrastructure in Yemen and Syria, the Trump regime decided last week to engage in a little throwback “shock and awe” against the Iraqi people with a savage atrocity in the Jadida neighborhood of Mosul. In a series of barbaric air strikes, more than 250 civilians were slaughtered, including over 130 in a single building. Most of those murdered were women and children. What did Supercilious Orange’s generals say about the crime against humanity in the official CENTCOM report? They didn’t. Instead, they spun some pile of hasbara about “11 fighting positions” being bombed. Despicable.


And the Zionist media was no better, parroting statements from the US ZOG’s military that ISIS was using these civilians–as in, all of them–as “human shields”. While the Takfiris do indeed use human shields, a tactic they learned from their masters (and the masters of the cowardly technique) in “Tel Aviv”, this wasn’t the case here as not even one terrorist was found amid the rubble. Not even one. Only women blown to bits. Children shredded down their bone. Men charred beyond recognition. First Bush Sr. Then Clinton. Then Bush Jr. Then Obama and his Takfiri Goy Golem that the Mossad and the CIA made for him. Now Trump. All of them bathing in the blood of the Iraqi people.

It is simply amazing that the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (Hashd al-Shaabi; PMU), from the Shi’a brigades to the Sunni brigades to the Christian brigades, all manage to fight Daesh without killing any civilians but the American regime, regardless of the clown sitting in the White House as the figurehead of Empire Judaica, NEVER FAILS to do anything EXCEPT kill unarmed innocents in the false name of “combating terrorism”. A man who was once nothing more than a puppet of the Jews before ultimately rebelling against his controllers and getting assassinated for his troubles, Martin Luther King Jr., famously said that there is no greater purveyor of violence in the world than the United States of America, or as it should be named, the United Snakes of IsraHELL. Jadida and its quarter of a thousand martyrs, like so many other villages, towns, cities and neighborhoods in Iraq, now bear witness to this pure, unadulterated truth. The cries of broken families will haunt this section of Mosul for weeks, months and years to come.

Adding fuel to the (bomb)fire, as if the massacre itself wasn’t unspeakably horrific enough, the pathetic excuse for a government in Baghdad, one of the most corrupt regimes in the entire Global South, if not THE MOST CORRUPT, has attempted to downplay the number of casualties and is carrying water for the US regime by referring to the SERIES of raids as a “mistake”. Again, it is simply REMARKABLE that Hashd al-Shaabi doesn’t make such mistakes. On that note, flipping over to Iraq’s western border, it’s equally astounding how Russia and the Syrian Arab Air Force don’t make such mistakes either. Only the American regime, whether on Syrian or Iraqi territory, seems to commit these “errors”. Leading the dissemination of this pack of lies on Mosul, which only serves the ZOG in Washington, is Haidar al-Abadi, a stooge as servile as servile can be. This is a man responsible for literally inviting the fox back into the henhouse and for letting all basic services in Baghdad fall deeper into oblivion. Lest we forget the more than a dozen newborn babies who burned to death in the Iraqi capital’s Yarmouk Hospital on his watch. And he dares prance around for Western press reporters and cameras to proclaim that victory in Mosul is only weeks away as if he has had any damn thing to do about it. In fact, quite the opposite! He’s attempted to sideline the PMU on more than one occasion whilst giving a freer hand to the Great Satan.

And none of this is lost on the Iraqi Islamic Resistance, chiefly Harakat Hizbullah al Nujaba (HHN) and Kata’ib Hizbullah (KH). HHN Secretary-General Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi and several of his deputies as well as KH spokesman Jaafar al-Husseini have all made statements in recent weeks stating that Daesh is not the main challenge of the PMU. Rather, the continued presence of America is. They’ve spoken in no uncertain terms that the US ZOR is using ISIS to secure something more permanent in our region after failing to work out an arrangement with former Iraqi Premier Maliki. Furthermore, and in similarly unminced words, the Mesopotamia Mouqawamah has warned Washington that if it attempts to implement a scenario in which it recolonizes Iraq, then it will be on the soil where Imam Hussein (A.S.) sacrificed his life that American soldiers will be sent to the hellfire.

So what’s the moral of the story? As Trump becomes the fifth US president to bomb Iraq and bring wanton death and destruction upon the heads of our people, our Resistance stands ready to counter his sanguinary tomfoolery. The Tangerine Terrorist should think exceedingly carefully about his next move. Because in the name of the Mosul Martyrs, whose souls we recite Al-Fatiha for, the Mighty Husseini-Khomeiniist Moujahideen of Bilad al-Rafidayn are more than ready, willing and able to show him how Zio-Imperialist occupiers may enter Iraq but they damn sure don’t leave unless they’re defeated, humiliated or in body bags. Amreeka’s barbarity against Iraq needs to end. It just has to. Dear God Almighty, it must end now.

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