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Everyone, please pray for Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife Sayyeda Zeenat. Something that can only be described as frightening and disturbing took place yesterday evening, as social media screamed that there was an assassination plot afoot against the Sheikh. Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) members began posting on both Facebook and Twitter that DSS, Nigeria’s Department of State Security, an institution thoroughly infiltrated by CIA and Mossad, was preparing to deliver a lethal injection to both Zakzaky and his wife. Reading hashtags like “DontKillZakzaky” and “FreeZakzaky”, one could tell just how frantic the Sheikh’s loving and loyal partisans were (and assuredly, still are). After a flood of tweets were sent out, Iranian media followed up and confirmed there certainly was an attempt on the Sheikh’s life before subsequently reporting that Zakzaky and Sayyeda Zeenat were moved to an undisclosed facility inside the Nigerian capital of Abuja as a means of protecting them. 

Further information is scant as of this moment but three conclusions can be drawn from these events: 1) Merely 24 hours ahead of the one-year anniversary of the Zaria Massacre, there are clearly elements within Buhari’s regime–including Buhari himself–which are completely on board with the bloody scheme of ‘Israel’, America and Saudi Arabia, and they would draw great pleasure from killing the Sheikh and potentially setting off a sectarian war inside Nigeria. 2) There are other elements in Buhari’s regime–those that moved the Sheikh and his Queen to safety–who are resisting the Zionist-Amreeki-Wahhabi agenda and supporting Justice Gabriel Kolawole of Nigeria’s Federal High Court, who ruled that Zakzaky be freed immediately. 3) The Shi’a Muslims of Nigeria are very much at risk of a genocide scenario if this corrupt regime goes forward with the extrajudicial execution of Sheikh Zakzaky and its extermination plot against the IMN. And this isn’t exaggeration. The Al-Quds Day Massacre, the Zaria Massacre, the Ashoura Massacre, the Arbaeen Massacre and now this failed hit on Zakzaky all prove the threat is very real.

The stakes have never been higher. The Sheikh and Sayyeda Zeenat must be freed from these malevolent circumstances NOW. For any further delay might be too late, as Mossad, the CIA, Al-Saud and their agents are on the prowl in Abuja and out for their pound of flesh. ALLAH (SWT) help Nigeria if Zakzaky’s life is taken. ALLAH (SWT) help Nigeria indeed. #FreeZakzaky #DontKillZakzaky


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