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NEWS DIGEST: US Building Secret Bases in Syria

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NEWS DIGEST: US Building Secret Bases in Syria

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Maisoon  ميسون 

"O mankind! We created you from a single soul, male and female, and made you into nations and tribes, so that you may come to know one another. Truly, the most honoured of you in God’s sight is the greatest of you in piety. God is All-Knowing, All- aware  [49:13

“And those who harm believing men and women undeservedly, bear on themselves the crime of slander and plain sin.” (Al-Ahzab: 58)


But in the context of Syria, what would a better policy look like?
One that preserves stability in the Middle East. Syria is the heart of the Middle East. Everybody knows that. If the Middle East is sick, the whole world will be unstable. [President Bashar al Assad]



"Democracy is imposed with fire, freedom with warplanes and human rights by human killing,"  Walid Moualim



"[Middle East oil is a stupendous source of strategic power, and one of the greatest material prizes in world history." -- U.S. State Department, 1945

please watch this documentary on Press Tv today, being repeated at 5.30pm

Documentary - The Residue of Ignorance

This film depicts the murder of Mohamed Said Ramadan Al-Bouti, known as "Shaykh of the Levant", by al-Nusra terrorist group in 2013.


Dirty Game: The Proxy War


Syria: Another Pipeline War


Biden not truthful about Syria’

US Vice President Joe Biden is not truthful about the years-long conflict in Syria as he does not have a good understanding of the situation in the Middle East, an American analyst says.

“I think Vice President Biden needs to understand who is on whose side in the Middle East,” author and investigative journalist Wayne Madsen told Press TV on Monday.

The terror group is clearly “supported by the Israelis, the Turks and the Saudis; what I have come to call a very unholy alliance of nations,” he added.

War On Syria
Saudis, Turks Bid to Open Lebanon Front

By Finian Cunningham

Saudi Arabia and its regional allies are evidently trying to destabilize Lebanon. -


Arab Days of Shame

By Ghassan Kadi

Which day in history has marked the biggest day of shame for the Arabs? –

The debauched Saudi royals, the same lazy criminals who die from obesity and self-inflicted diabetes whilst they are starving and bombing Yemen, the same people who poured billions upon billions of dollars to kill Syrians in an attempt to create an Islamic state in lieu of its secular government, that scourge of a family that rules with an iron fist wreaking havoc and creating wars between Arabs and Muslims and never once fired a single bullet at Israel, they actually had the audacity to call the shots and had Hezbollah declared as a terrorist organization. Strange days indeed…………….’

‘…………….Back to the Tunis decision. The Arab states that did not vote in favour of the motion are Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria and Iraq. I wonder if the readers are missing something here….Palestine, as represented by Abbas’s Palestinian Authority (PA), has in fact voted for declaring Hezbollah as a terror organization.

Whilst Hamas is not acknowledged as a representative of the Palestinian people, Ismail Haniyye, who is entirely in Qatar’s pocket, would probably also vote in favour had he been asked to vote. Mahmoud Zahhar, a prominent Hamas leader, has however condemned the decision. This is not surprising given that Zahar went against his rank when Hamas leaders went cahoots with Qatar against Syria. Zahhar had always been the voice of reason in Hamas. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the PFLP and the PFLP General Command have also condemned the decision, but Mahmoud Abbas is quite silent. He is probably feeling too sheepish to make any comments. Even if his heart is with Hezbollah, he cannot go against the Saudi dictates………………………..’

‘……..As the Arab Saudi camp is becoming more audacious, audacious enough for the PA to vote against Hezbollah; the only army that disturbs Israel’s security, the only Arab organization that has taken back land from Israel militarily, the only Arab army that has actually threatened the depth of Israel, then no one should expect any good from other Arab pro-Saudi states that are distant geographically from Palestine. If the Palestinians themselves do not know who their enemies and friends are in standing up against Israel, why should the Moroccans?

And if the Palestinian people did not like what their government has done, why did they not take to the streets in protest? There are some reports of minor dissent, but nothing serious.

There is one word to describe the Palestinian reaction, and the word is “disgusting”, but in this literary context, I shall stick to the word “appalling”……………………

[I for one as a Palestinian have been disgusted at the betrayal and treachery of the PA and the Muslim Brotherhood led Hamas allying themselves with  the Jewish Saudis and Qataris who have never done anything to liberate Palestine but instead have had for years collaborated with and had secret political and economic relations with Israel- the greatest enemy of Islam and the entire Arab Nation. Syria and Hezbollah have always been FAITHFUL to the Resistance cause and to Palestine]




Syrian government delegation expected in Geneva on March 14 - diplomatic source

The Syrian government delegation has received an invitation to arrive in Geneva on March 14, a source at Syria’s Permanent Mission at the United Nations Office in Geneva told TASS on Monday. "Yes. It is true. The delegation has been invited to arrive in Geneva on March 14", the mission’s representative said. Asked if Bashar Ja’afari, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, will head the Syrian government delegation, the source said that it was probable but they were waiting for a reply from Damascus.


Syria 'Peace Summit' turns into 'regime change' ambush, staged by US and its allies

VEXED: Assad knew that this latest ‘peace summit’ was just a ruse to nudge western regime change plans down the road.

So we can just as well ignore all the phony talk of humanitarianism, nonviolent democratic protests and “the international community”. For them, it was, is, and always will be about… regime change.

US State Department head janitor and loyal Bonesman, John Kerry, was tasked to do what he has always done bestas far back as his BCCI cover-up days– to divert attention away from any of the many US screw-ups over Syria, and of course, to keep the western media on-message. Kerry came right out of the gates this morning with the ambush everyone was expecting, along the lines of:

‘Assad is a brutal murderer and should not be included in the OUR new government in Syria’.

PHOTO: US head janitor John Kerry directs delegates to the men’s cloakroom in Montreux.

Being a good janitor, Kerry is very careful to deflect away from any mention of his fraudulent ‘intelligence’ 3 months ago, and also all the CIA trafficking of weapons, cash, equipment, mercenary contractors and US special forces training and prepping ‘rebel fighters’ just over the border in Jordan and Turkey (this has been taking place over the last 2 years).

The other bit which Kerry is tasked with covering up is the fact that, aside from NATO-allied al Qaida fighters moving from Libya over to Syria, US agents had organised shipments of arms from Benghazi, Libya to Syria – a clandestine operation which Chris Stevens and others paid the ultimate price for. Kerry his predecessor Hillary Clinton, along with Susan Rice, still play dumb about it all, laughably maintaining that the Benghazi slaughter was all down to that doctored Cointel You Tube sensation entitled, “The Innocence of Muslims”. And they still expect people to take them seriously as politicians and diplomats.

Welcome to that bizarre parallel universe known as, Obama’s Washington…………………………’

Syrian Armed Forces turn the tables on Nusra in southern Aleppo: all points recaptured

Following the recapture of Tal Syria Tel near Banes, the National Defense Forces (NDF) – backed by Harakat Al-Nujaba (Iraqi paramilitary), Liwaa Al-Badr (Iraqi paramilitary), and Kataebat Al-Ba’ath (Al-Ba’ath Battalions) – imposed full control over two other points they lost to Jabhat Al-Nusra and Jund Al-Aqsa during yesterday’s assault. In addition to recapturing all points lost to the Al-Qaeda factions, the Syrian Armed Forces and their allies have advanced to the village of Bardeh, where they are currently engaged in a fierce battle with Jabhat Al-Nusra and Jund Al-Aqsa.
Just 24 hours after launching their large-scale offensive in the Aleppo Governorate’s southern countryside, the Syrian Al-Qaeda groups “Jabhat Al-Nusra” and “Jund Al-Aqsa” abandoned their posts outside of Tal Al-‘Eiss, resulting in another victory for the Syrian Armed Forces.


Syrian Army Advancing against ISIL Near Palmyra with Russian Air Support

"The Syrian soldiers, Liwa Suqour Al-Sahra (Desert Hawks Brigade) and the 67th Brigade of the 18th Tank Division advanced to a number of new sites in Western Palmyra, including Wadi al-Dhakara after a violent battle with the ISIL," the sources said. "The Syrian Armed Forces, meantime, enter briefly the Palmyra Castle (Qal’at Tadmur) on Monday night before pulling back in order to allow the Russian Air Force to bombard the terrorist group around Mount Qassoun".

ISIL Launches Evacuation of Loyalists from Ancient Palmyra

EXCLUSIVE: Syrian Kurdish Forces Win Back 7 Key Villages in Raqqa Province

The Syrian army continued its advances in al-Quaryatayn region and took full control of a strategic region in the Eastern part of Homs province.

14 Killed And Dozens Injured In 'Terror' Attack In Aleppo City:
At least fourteen civilians were killed and dozens were injured on Sunday when terrorists struck with mortars and rockets against a busy market place in a residential quarter in the northern city of Aleppo city, Syrian state media said. 


13 killed in Syrian city of Aleppo:  

A rocket and mortar barrage struck a government-controlled neighborhood in Syria's northern city of Aleppo on Sunday, killing 13 civilians and wounding 40, the government and an opposition group said. 


Syria rebels clash with Kurds in Aleppo as peace talks approach:

Rebels fighting to overthrow the government of President Bashar al-Assad have clashed with Kurdish paramilitaries in Aleppo, in some of Syria's most intense fighting since a truce brokered by international powers came into effect late last month. 


UN aid deliveries under way to Damascus suburb:
U.N. spokesman Farhan Haq said a humanitarian convoy reached three areas in Kafr Batna with food and health assistance for 20,000 people on Friday. He said deliveries to the remaining three areas on Monday will provide aid for more than 16,000 people. 


Syrian opposition groups seek Russian protection from ISIS - MoD :

"They are asking us to provide their security and defend them from militants of the ISIS group and other terrorist organizations who declared a manhunt for opposition figures signing ceasefire agreements," Lieutenant General Sergey Kuralenko told reporters 


Arms supplied daily to Syria militants via Turkey border: Russia:
Columns of trucks carrying cargo and weapons for militants in Syria cross into the war-wracked country from Turkey on a daily basis, Russian Defense Ministry says. 


 Al-Nusra militants in Syria shell Turkey to prompt return fire - Russian military:
 Jihadists in Syria have been shelling the Turkish area in an apparent attempt to provoke a response that could lead to Ankara sending troops into the neighboring country, according to Russia's truce center in Syria. 


RUSSIAN GENERAL GERASIMOV: We will give the Syrians a missile that c hit the Erdogan's bedroom

Battleship Russian chief of staff, General Valery Gerasimov inflicted a blow fraudulent American policy in the Middle East torn by accused Turkey - NATO member - to facilitate terrorist attacks on Syria, a traditional ally of Moscow.

"Since 2011, Mr. Obama is seeking to overthrow the democratically elected president of Syria. More than four years to make up stories faded effect Syrian government, all these years, Obama and his successor - Turkey's Erdogan - are trying to destabilize the region, which led to hundreds of thousands killed or displaced innocent Syrians. "RIA Novosti General Gerasimova.

"Here in Moscow, we looked at how public support has Erdogan," the general Gerasimov, "and we now believe that he was just a megalomaniacal despot who dreams about how to rebuild the decaying Ottoman Empire submission to the neighboring countries, but as far as Russia, which Erdogan more supports its Al Qaeda mercenaries faster will be his downfall. "


Syria would be fully under ISIS control if not for Russia – Serbian president

Serbia’s president has praised Russian efforts in fighting terrorists in Syria, saying that if Moscow hadn’t intervened, the Middle Eastern country would have ceased to exist as a sovereign state. The statement comes in stark contrast to NATO’s assessment of the situation.


U.S. Regime, Sets Up Air Base in North Hasakah:  

Splitting the Political and Territorial Integrity of Syria: 


Washington’s Objective is to “Split up Syria”: U.S. Establishes Air Force Base in Northern Syria In Violation of International Law

Judging from what the Kurdish Agency BasNews and Reuters are reporting (below are the reports), de facto the United States, in violation of international law governing relations among nations, under the excuse of fighting Daesh (their creation) have occupied part of the territory of a sovereign state , Syria, without any mandate by Damascus, offering coverage even for some survivor factions of the so called ‘Free Syrian Army’, a jihadi gang undercover and allied under the table with al-Nusra Front.


U.S. Initiates Nuclear War Against Syria

U.S. Airforce A-10 Warthogs struck Allepo on February 9 when Russian planes were out of the area. Instantly, western propaganda went to work framing Russia, both for wonton aerial bombing of civilians and for destroying two hospitals. There’s nothing new with this.


US Building Two Airbases In Syria As The 'IS' Morphs Into The 'FSA'

US getting ready to invade and occupy Syria after their forced and planned Regime change. Proves what collaborators the Kurds truly are.

Breaking: US Establishing Air Force Base inside Syria

A military source from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) revealed to BasNews that USA is now establishing two airbases in the Kurdish areas of northeastern Syria which can be used for both military and non-military purposes.


EXPOSED: The “Caesar” Fraud That Undermined Syrian Peace Negotiations

Just in time for the ‘Syrian Peace Conference’ in Montreux, Switzerland this week…

The timing of this incredible “55,000 digital images smuggled out of Syria implicate Assad regime” media report, seemed highly uncanny and even more suspicious when you take a good look at it (see full exposé by Land Destroyer blog below). We can’t say we are surprised though…

Photo-William Hague’s reaction sounded more like a film review in Empire magazine:

Foreign Secretary said the images are ‘compelling and horrific!’

It gets better. This latest ‘breathtaking’ report of ‘Assad’s systematic torture operation’, hand-delivered by the new Curveball, named ‘Caesar’, was prepared and put on lay-away in order to influence opinions in favour of regime change in Syria. Even if it were true, blowing the international whistle on institutional torture is just a bit rich – coming from the United States and Great Britain. Indeed, after 12 years Guantanamo Bay is still open for business.

But it gets worse – we discover that the ‘report’ was commissioned by the Qataris and authored by Carter Ruck law firm in London, solicitors who just happen to also represent Saudi clients accused of, wait for it… funneling money to al Qaida terrorists. Yes, like those same terrorists who happen to have flooded into Syria over the last two and a half years. 



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