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NEWS DIGEST: Adressing the tense situation in Ukraine!

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The Truth About 9/11

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NEWS DIGEST: Adressing the tense situation in Ukraine!

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Awaken the power of The People in order to set them free


Truth Exists, Lies are invented


13 US Activists Arrested for Protesting US Senators' Unquestioning Support of Israel

New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, the co-author of a July Resolution (Senate Resolution 498) that offered full and complete support for Israel's actions in Gaza, was one of the targets of the protest.

The other was New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, the top recipient of campaign and other contributions from the Zionist lobbying group known as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.
"The harassment and attacks on Imam Abdul Alim Musa have intensified. In the latest episode, he was arrested in the middle of the night when some 12 police officers swarmed Masjid al-Islam in Oakland, California and locked him up for 15 hours. The allegation was that he was "trespassing" the property that is registered in his name. It is not a simple case of police action; there is much more going on behind the scenes."
Oakland, Crescent-online
Wednesday September 3, 2014, 11:09 DST

In the early hours (just after midnight September 1) of Tuesday September 2, there was a knock on the door of Masjid al-Islam in Oakland, CA. Imam Abdul Alim Musa asked from inside who it was.

The person outside said, “the police.”

Imam Musa recognized the voice; it was Mukhtar A. Mujahid, the person accused by some people in Oakland to be a federal agent.

Not wishing to get into an argument at that time of the night, Imam Musa told him “I know who you are and this is no time for any silly talk. I will talk to you tomorrow.”

What follows is our discussion with Imam Musa after his release from 15 hours of detention by the police in County Jail. Crescent International was alerted to his arrest and subsequent release by a brother that called our office.

This is what Imam Musa said when we spoke to him:

“After my response to Mukhtar, several police officers shouted: ‘Come out with your hands in front of you.’ They were shouting simultaneously.

“I asked them from the inside [the door was still closed]: Do you have an arrest or search warrant?

“The police repeated their demand for me to come out. Their voices getting louder and angrier.

“So I told them, OK, let me turn the lights on [so you can see clearly] and I will come out.

“I turned the lights on and came out with my hands held in front of me to show I have no weapon in my hand.

“As soon as I came out the door, they told me I was under arrest and told me to turn around and hand-cuffed me. Then they took me to a police car and forced me inside.

“There must have been at least 8 to 12 police officers; there were 5 or 6 police cars with their lights flashing.

“Inside the police car, I asked them again, why I was being arrested and whether they had an arrest warrant?

“The police told me that I was ‘trespassing’ on the property and the ‘owner’ did not want me there.

“I asked them what owner are they talking about? I have the deed papers and the property is registered under my name. How can I be trespassing on my own property? I told them to let me go inside and I will bring the deed paper to show them.

“They refused. Then I told them, I have $11,000 cash that I want to retrieve. Again they refused. I told if they were going to arrest me, I needed to get my toiletries and shoes.

“They flatly refused any of my requests. Instead, they took me to the police station.

“There they slammed me to the floor and started to twist my handcuffed wrists and as well as my ankles. One police officer also jumped on my back. I was near choking and told them to get off me because I could not breathe.

“I was thrown in a cell and held for more than 15 hours before being let go. I was also handed a paper that said I was charged with ‘trespassing’. The police also told me that Mukhtar had called them to say I was not leaving the property despite the ‘owner’s’ request.

“They gave me a token to take a street train to the nearest station where the masjid is located.

“My wrists are all bruised from the tight handcuffs and twisting.

“I had no shoes or slippers and naturally no money on me. Once I reached the station near the masjid, I went to a friend’s house from where I called my son to pick me up.

“When I returned to the masjid, I discovered that all $11,000 had been stolen. The money was gone.”

Three days earlier, Imam Musa had called to inform us that his brief case in which he had all the papers relating to the property deed and other documents had been stolen from the masjid.

It is not difficult to figure out what was going on. The thief—and it was no ordinary thief but someone who knew exactly what he was doing—took the briefcase, took the deed papers and then went to the Oakland County office to change the ownership in his own name.

There have been many such robberies of money and documents in the past as well.

Imam Musa has the original deed paper that confirms the property’s registration in his name with him. He has said he will take it to the police and show it to them.

If the police wanted to know the truth, they could have allowed him to show them the paper but they were not interested.

The manner in which the masjid was attacked in the middle of the night was intended to find an excuse to shoot him if he resisted.

Imam Musa did not provide them that opportunity but what is going on in Oakland clearly shows what the police and their agents are up to.

He can be reached at his cell: 202 904 1152202 904 1152.
[We can guess just who is behind all this intimidation- the Chosen few who do not like Muslims, do not like Blacks and who do not like people speaking Truths rather than falsehoods which the routinely feed the dumb Americans who are so brainwashed and indoctrinated by Zionist propaganda.]
re posting this in light of the above:
Obama: Liar in a Tan Suit
 By Margaret Kimberley
While the West acts like the injured party, it continues to create havoc everywhere on the planet.


don’t understand why he is so surprised at the lack of condemnation from his fellow peers majority of whom are Zionists, pro Israeli or feel they need to show support to the Jews who control their Government/Elite?
By: Elias
In his first TV interview after release from hospital, British MP George Galloway told RT he is surprised by the lack of condemnation from other UK politicians of the brutal attack on him. The assault by a pro-Israeli man left Galloway in much pain.

What if a UK politician had been attacked by a pro-Palestinian fanatic?

By: Redress



Russell Brand Rips through David Cameron's ISIS Propaganda


Insanity: War Criminal Tony Blair Awarded 'Philanthropist Of The Year'

OK, let's put Blair's history of war crimes and profiteering to one side for a moment. Just days after a leaked document showed how Blair offered advice to Kazakhstan’s despot president Nursultan Nazarbayev on how to deal with the media after it emerged that his security forces massacred 14 unarmed protesters in 2011, GQ magazine has somehow seen fit to name Blair 'Philanthropist Of The Year'.

Here’s What the British Government Has Been Hiding from You

In 2013, The Guardian revealed that Britain’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) had illegally withheld 1.2 million (later revised to 600,000) historic documents from the public, in flagrant breach of the UK Public Records Act. The documents – which include the desk diary of Soviet spy Donald Maclean; case files from Nazi persecution compensation claims; and masses of material removed from Hong Kong – were being held at Hanslope Park, a secretive, high-security compound in Buckinghamshire that the FCO shares with intelligence agencies MI5 and MI6.

The truth about the UK’s powerful zionist lobbies

Writing for The Jewish Chronicle last week, columnist David Aaronovitch addressed the alleged rise in anti-Semitism in this country and attributed it to the Jews being “too quiet and too separate up till now”. He suggested a Jewish lobby would be a great idea, and starting with “Jews beginning to get themselves kippah-ed up and sitting in the audience at Question Time”.
Two Types of Anti-Semitism
 By Richard Falk
Christian Zionism, so-called, is best viewed as an indirect endorsement of Type I anti-Semitism that hides beneath the veil of ardent support for Israel as a state and Zionism as a movement.

NSA docs reveal U.S. hand in tracking and killing Kurdish separatists

By: NotForSale2NWO

Homeland Security was built to fend off terrorists. Why's it so busy arming cops to fight average Americans?

For three weeks and counting, America has raged against the appalling behavior of the local police in Ferguson, Missouri, and for good reason: automatic rifles pointed at protesters, tank-like armored trucks blocking marches, the teargassing and arresting of reporters, tactics unfit even for war zones – it was all enough to make you wonder whether this was America at all. But as Congress returns to Washington this week, the ire of a nation should also be focused on the federal government agency that has enabled so much of the rise of military police, and so much more: the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
The American Delusion
Distracted, Diverted and Insulated from the Grim Reality of the Police State
 By John W. Whitehead
If we do not awaken to the truth and open our eyes soon, then we may well find ourselves staring at a far different, far less pleasant picture.
** Hard Truths on Ukraine Suppressed by big Media: “Big Lies” Lead Humanity into a Global War, By Stephen Lendman

Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault

Putin’s pushback should have come as no surprise. After all, the West had been moving into Russia’s backyard and threatening its core strategic interests, a point Putin made emphatically and repeatedly. Elites in the United States and Europe have been blindsided by events only because they subscribe to a flawed view of international politics. They tend to believe that the logic of realism holds little relevance in the twenty-first century and that Europe can be kept whole and free on the basis of such liberal principles as the rule of law, economic interdependence, and democracy.
Blame Russia?
Western Doublethink on Blind Path to War
By Finian Cunningham                                                                     
The Western sponsors of this indisputable state terrorism against civilians have abdicated all responsibility for their policy of criminal interference in Ukraine's internal affairs.

The West, the Greatest Cause of War in Human History, Stands stripped of all Legitimacy, By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Warning to the World
Washington and its NATO & EU Vassals are Insane
By Paul Craig Roberts
 "We give the European political leaders bagfuls of money. They are for sale, We bought them. They report to us."
Donetsk Republic Sends Captured Ukrainian Soldiers Home to Mothers and Wives:
This is an extremely interesting 9 minute video from the Donetsk Republic. It shows extraordinary humane treatment and release of captured Ukrainian soldiers.
The New World Order has been in place for centuries. Is it not time to start calling the NWO by another name? A descriptive term that encapsulates the essence of the beast would be a Nefarious Warrior Organism. Such a phrase strips away the ridiculous notion that there is any order in the malevolent organization of the parasitic global structure, based upon perpetual and permanent warfare.

The Blueprint For World War III

This article is the first of a two part series which details the coming war. This war will not be a simple war of occupation such as what we saw in Iran and presently in Afghanistan. This war will be utterly devastating and has the potential to escalate into a conflict befitting the over-used term, “Armageddon”.



McCain sure loves his Terrorist/Nazi friends- jewish Zionist through and through


Those Ukrainians John McCain Wants to Arm Include Neo-Nazis

After once being derided as “Kremlin propaganda,” the fact that neo-nazi fighters are openly aligned with and fighting alongside the NATO-backed regime in Kiev is now brazenly admitted.
As the Telegraph reported earlier this month, Kiev is now deliberately working with armed neo-nazi paramilitaries on the front lines of the battle with pro-Russian rebels, men who proudly display SS tattoos on their necks in honor of the feared Waffen SS – the armed wing of Hitler’s Nazi party.
The same fighters who McCain wants to arm to the teeth also march under the neo-Nazi Wolfsangel (Wolf’s Hook) symbol and proudly espouse white supremacist doctrines while praising Hitler and denying the holocaust.
Frankly who gives a SHIT about the Football World Cup when People are dying, being made refugees and being killed by their own Foreign controlled  and installed Government
EU sanctions to target Russian oil industry and strip Russia of World Cup:
EU is to hit Russia's energy industry with sanctions and strip the country of the right to host the 2018 World Cup unless President Putin withdraws Russian military from Ukraine
Ukraine ceasefire: Putin lays out 7-step plan to stop hostilities in E. Ukraine:
Kiev must withdraw troops from south-eastern regions of Ukraine and rebels must stop offensive to stop bloodshed, Russia's President Vladimir Putin says. He and Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko discussed "a ceasefire regime."
Ukrainian PM Rejects Putin's Peace Plan:
In a statement on September 3, Yatsenyuk described the Russian peace plan as another attempt to "pull the wool over the eyes" of the international community on the eve of a NATO summit in Wales and an attempt to avert Western sanctions against Moscow
‘Chabad rabbis are under strict instructions not to break any laws in the countries where they serve.’

Just who the hell is he kidding here-Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis are among the worst, corrupt and rabid rabbis around. These Rabbis are the ones who usually on a daily basis, do their mandatory appearance at the White House to meet with the puppet President who is briefed about his obedient duties.


Russia orders deportation of Israeli Chabad rabbi

Authorities in Russia have ordered the deportation of an Israeli-born rabbi who has worked in the country for 13 years. Local news organizations report that the grounds for deportation could be espionage.
Rabbi Asher Krichevsky has served as the Chabad shaliach (emissary) of Omsk, in southern Siberia, since 2001. Also chief rabbi of that city, he belongs to a well-known Chabad-affiliated family and has a brother who is also a shaliach in Russia.
While no explanation was given for the deportation, Russian media raised the possibility that Krichevsky is suspected of spying for Israel. This is unlikely, however, due to the fact that Chabad rabbis are under strict instructions not to break any laws in the countries where they serve.
I am not going to waste my time on this topic as I believe them to be staged, fake videos. None of these so called ‘victims’ showed any natural sense o fear and foreboding at the prospect of being so horrendously killed!! These look more like more Jewish Hollywood productions but I am giving a link on this story due to Sotloff’s Israel connection which sums it all up really! Jewish, Israeli citizenship as well as possibly Mossad intelligence – which also proves that many of the USA’s Journalists are in fact CIA/Mossad Agents posing as Media journalists


Sotloff’s close links to Israeli counter-intelligence, emergence from same stable as Foley, and equally amazing ability to be ‘on the spot’ to cover Black Arts events in Middle East
That Steven Sotloff is Jewish isn’t exactly a secret. But what many media titles this morning have glossed over is that he studied at Tel Aviv’s Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC) before beginning his career. Located on the same campus at the core of of IDCs philosophy is the International Institute for Counter Terrorism. Its links to Mossad are well known. The Slog tries to join up some dots.
Having watched the second ‘beheading’ video and looked into Mr Sotloff’s background, my aim – as with James Foley’s apparent execution – is to offer key observations that I find significant:
Make Israel Stop Beheading “Journalists”
Beheading Videos Traced to Israel “bin Laden Studios”

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

We are unable to confirmed that either Sotloff, an Israeli passport holder, said to be IDF trained and closely tied to a number of news hoaxes, is dead or that he had ever existed.  We do know this, his reputed execution took place in Israel, not Syria or Iraq.  The Foley video also was done in Israel.
[Photo-Fashion Orange, collar turned in to hide custom hand stitching]
If, in fact, these individuals are dead, then it is up to the Israeli government to return their bodies.  If, as is much more likely the case, at least one or these videos is a hoax, a hoax with dead victims, a hoax with live victims, but certainly a hoax, no doubt about that, some authority inside Israel, preferably one not directly involved in the hoax itself, should investigate, should such an authority exist at some point in the future, which we find unlikely.
We have had so many hoaxes all out of Israel, all from the same people, all sent through the same scammers in the US, that getting to the bottom of this one took less than five minutes.  Think “Rita Katz.”
This is the third outing for the designer orange silk “jump suits” thus far.  Last year they were the rage in Tel Aviv shops, today they are all about beheadings.  There is one problem, not that Alex Jones and InfoWars reporting the Foley beheading was a phony, a position the US State Department is now reconsidering as well, warned us off the story.
The problem is “Site Intelligence,” better known to insiders as “bin Laden Studios,” the Israeli video fakery group that kept turning out bin Laden videos, short fat bin Ladens, old ones, young ones, then, eventually, only audio tapes, as though bin Laden, confirmed to have died in 2001 after denying, according to the CIA, all involvement in 9/11, had magically come back to life.
Sotloff’s first outing as a “journalist” was the Benghazi affair.  Israeli radio jammers, the Mossad’s own video house, PJ Media, putting out the cover video, “The Innocence of Islam,” and a carefully timed, carefully tuned false flag attack, murdering Americans and writing a screenplay for Hannity, Rush, Fox News and the Tea Party hirelings of gambling boss Sheldon Adelson.
With the news filled with missing airliners, Russian armies marching up the Mississippi or across Ukraine, press stories about the First Lady having a sex change operation and ordering the assassination of former FBI chief Judge Louis Freeh, give me cheap conspiracy any day, the junk the “mainslime” media puts out is dumb, it’s boring and even their beheading videos need work.
We have also been told that ISIS is responsible for the Jennifer Lawrence nude videos.  We could have told her, as we should have others, not to go to Syria or as with Foley and Sotloff, Israel it seems.
When in Israel or Syria or “wherever,” don’t just keep your head on but your clothes as well.

Was Steve Sotloff Beheading Staged?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Was Steve Sotloff Beheading Staged? (Controversial Video)

Don't believe anything you think!

Could this be a Psy-ops campaign on the American people?

15 “Health Foods” That Are Really Junk Foods in Disguise

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