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NEWS DIGEST: The White Helmets

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NEWS DIGEST: The White Helmets

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Another great eye opening show from Patrick- a must listen- hearing SYRIAN voices, not Western propagandists and collaborators

Episode #182 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘After Aleppo’ LIVE from Syria with Patrick Henningsen and guests

This week we’ll travel to the Middle East as SUNDAY WIRE host Patrick Henningsen broadcasts LIVE, on the ground in Syria, alongside some brilliant guests, including 21WIRE editor and reporter Vanessa Beeley, Syrian writer and academic, Dr. Reema Hakim and Syrian independent filmmaker Ghoufran Derawan.


Editor’s Note: This past Sunday, we did something that no other independent US radio network, or show has ever done during this war – we broadcasted LIVE, 3 hours of unedited and uninterrupted talk radio – from Syria. Enjoy…


Boiler Room #106 – Did Israel Attack Damascus? + Bill Nye The PsyOp Guy



Photos From Syria Show White Helmets And Nusra/Qaeda Are The Same Organization


By Brandon Turbeville


Unlike journalists associated with the Western corporate media, Vanessa Beeley has been reporting from inside Syria on and off since early 2016. In many cases, while the Western corporate press was reporting in the most authoritative manner about the alleged “crimes against humanity” committed by the Syrian government in Aleppo despite having no one on the ground in those areas, Beeley was indeed present and able to directly contradict the lies spread by the corporate press with her own firsthand accounts.


Likewise, Beeley has led the charge against the ridiculous propaganda outfit known as the White Helmets...




WHITE HELMETS: Atlantic Council's Humanitarian Pretext for Collective Punishment of Syrian People



White Helmets Preparing Another False-Flag Operation Similar to Idlib's Chemical Incident


The White Helmets Organization is getting ready to write another fake scenario similar to the one they practiced in the town of Kahn Sheikhoun earlier this month, local sources said Sunday.
The sources reported that several White Helmets along with a number of civilians, including children, have arrived in Ariha in Idlib province.


The sources said that the White Helmets are in Ariha to possibly conduct another false-flag operation similar to Khan Sheikhoun chemical incident to create a fresh wave of accusations against the Syrian government's involvement in a chemical attack on civilians.



Bulgarian Weapons Sent to Terrorists in Syria Through Saudi Arabia



Strikes near Damascus 'in line with Israel policy to stop Iran arms transfers' - Israeli minister: 
Katz told Israeli Army Radio that "the incident in Syria corresponds completely with Israel's policy to act to prevent Iran's smuggling of advanced weapons via Syria to Hezbollah in Iran," 
Iranian Defense Minister condemns Israeli attack southwest of Damascus Airport:
Iranian Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehghan condemned the Israeli aggression that targeted one of the military positions southwest of Damascus International Airport.


Claims of Syrian Chemical Weapons Attacks Are Total B.S.

A Little Background: The U.S. Has Tried to Carry Out Regime Change Since Syria Became An Independent County …

The U.S. government has been trying to replace the Syrian government with folks who will be subservient to America since 1949 … 3 years after Syria became an independent nation.

The CIA succeeded in carrying out a coup in Syria 1949.

In 1957, the American president and British prime minister agreed to launch regime change again in Syria using a false flag. (False flags are not only historically documented, but presidents, prime ministers, congressmen, generals, spooks, soldiers and police have ADMITTEDto planning and carrying out false flag attacks).

In 1983, 1986, 1991, 2001, 2009 and 2012, American officials again schemed about regime change in Syria.

The 2013 Syrian Weapons Attack Was Carried Out By …

The 2013 sarin attack in Ghouta, Syria, was blamed by the U.S. on the Syrian government…….’



The Flawed Chemical Analysis in the French Intelligence Report of April 26, 2017 Alleging a Syrian Government Sarin Nerve Agent Attack in Khan Sheikhoun of April 4, 2017


In this short note I describe why the chemical forensic analysis and logic described in the French Intelligence Report of April 26, 2017 (FIR) could lead to a high confidence conclusion that an indigenous nerve agent attack in Denver, Colorado was perpetrated by the Syrian government.


Such an obviously flawed investigative finding would be a product of the same combination of irrational arguments and unsound scientific evidence that the FIR used as its basis to reach a conclusion that the Syrian government must have executed in nerve agent attack on April 4, 2017 in Khan Sheikhoun.




The world at war: Stunning interactive map reveals EVERY conflict currently active around the world
'Many of the conflicts  don’t get the media or policy attention of the wars in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan or Ukraine, and they may not have the same geopolitical or economic importance,' says the IRIN.


'But the toll of decades-long conflicts – from Colombia to the Ogaden, from Kashmir to Western Sahara – is just as devastating for the people who live there.'Read more: 



New Spin of North Korea-Syria 'Axis of Evil' Points to US War
By Finian Cunningham


Demonize, dehumanize, destroy. That's the logic being throttled by the Trump administration toward both North Korea and Syria.






US Repeating Same War Crime in Syria that Starved 500,000 Children to Death in Iraq


While the sanctions placed on Iraq by the United Nations Security Council in the 1990s may be a distant memory for some, it’s critical to remember the shameful aftermath as the Trump administration undertakes the sanctioning of certain specific individuals in Syria. No matter the position one might take on the issue of sanctions, the fact remains that they caused a decade of tremendous suffering and widespread deaths of Iraqi civilians, many of them children.




Video: US Armored Vehicles Arrive in Northern Syria. Is It An Invasion?


US armored vehicles arrived in Northern Syria with US convoy stationed near Darbasiyah Village.


Webmaster's Commentary: 


Unfortunately, the short answer to the question posed by the title of the article is, yes.


The Trump administration has gone full-metal-jacket toward a regime change in Damascus, and it is only a matter of time before we are looking at direct confrontation with Russian ground troops, which are soon to be deployed there.
Russia ready to send ground troops to Syria, 25 April, 2017


US-led air strikes on ISIS have killed 352 civilians, says the Pentagon as it admits 'regret' - but critics claim the number is at least THREE THOUSAND


At least 352 civilians have been killed in US-led strikes against ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria since 2014, the Pentagon said on Sunday.


The Combined Joint Task Force said they were still assessing 42 reports of civilian deaths in their monthly assessment of air attacks targeting the jihadists.


Senior officials added that 45 civilians were killed between November 2016 and March 2017.


It reported 80 civilian deaths from August 2014 to the present that had not previously been announced. The report included 26 deaths from three separate strikes in March.


But monitoring group Airwars said more than 3,000 civilians have been killed by coalition air strikes.




US pressure could force Britain to join anti-Assad airstrikes, suggests Boris Johnson: 
Britain could bomb the forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad without first gaining the approval of MPs, says Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson 
US Says Turkey Conducted 'Unsafe' Air Strikes in Syria, Killing US Partners; 
Turkey, a U.S. NATO ally, conducted airstrikes in northern Syria on Monday night, killing "a significant number" of Kurdish YPG fighters, who have been "very important to the fight against ISIS,"




US Deploys Troops in NE Syria as ‘Buffer’ Between Kurds, Turkey


The US has deployed a number of special forces troops and armored vehicles along the border between Kurdish-held northeast Syria and Turkey, with most of the troops sent to the area around Darbasiya, which was the site of heavy Turkish attacks earlier this week.


Officially, US commanders say the troops are there “monitoring the situation,” though Syrian Kurds say that in practice the US deployment is an attempt to establish a “buffer” to try to limit fighting between the two sides,, which has been raging since Turkey’s airstrikes were carried out.


From Turkey’s perspective, there are two trains of thought on their recent push to attack the Kurdish YPG, who they consider “terrorists.” On the one hand, there seems to be some hope that if they can displace the Kurds enough during the buildup to the invasion of the ISIS capital of Raqqa, the US might agree to change it to a joint US-Turkey operation.


Webmaster's Commentary: 


I think we will continue to see more US troops in Syria, as regime change is definitely back on the table here, in the thinking of the American deep state.


But what happens when US troops run into direct confrontation with the Russian ground troops, which are being deployed there very soon?!?


Russian Ground troops mobilising for deployment in Syria,
25 April, 2017


War with Russia over Syria?!?




YEMEN: A Genocidal War Against Children and Civilians Sanctioned by the UN, US, UK & NATO




The red lights must be flashing at CENTCOM, the Pentagon and the National Security Council.


NO NO!! AMERICA is targeting Civilians and INTENTIONALLY DESTROYING IRAQ and SYRIA, its people, its infrastructure, its land, its homes, markets, mosques, schools, hospitals [just like Israel has done against Gaza]

They are not bombing ISIS at all as ISIS is ISRAEL and AMERICA. PRESIDENT TRUMP through his father in law is another JEWISH WAR CRIMINAL. US Military likes to SEE the extent of DAMAGE their WMDS do to poor countries. Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan have ALL been TESTING GROUNDS for USSRAELI Military.

The talk of war against  N.Korea is just a DISTRACTION, a RUSE from USA’s plan to INVADE SYRIA and get its Regime change for Israel. USA is PLANNING A MASSIVE HOLOCAUST of the Middle East and using the ruse of North Korea to distract the West’s public into believing N. Korea is a great threat when in reality it is ISRAELI OCCUPIED America and UK that are the THREAT to world peace.  Israel however would be more than happy to destroy N. Korea  and remove its leader who is very supportive of Palestinians, Syrians  and Iran

Even Russia CANNOT and will NOT stop ISRAEL bombing the hell out of Syria – Putin friends with Satanyahu, if Russia attacks Israeli planes, America/UK/NATO will automatically step in and Russia already coordinates   its Military actions in Syria with Israeli Military

US military is hammering ISIS so heavily it is running out of bombs

THE US is hitting so many IS targets in Iraq and Syria that it is running out of bombs – and that could affect its ability to wage war in North Korea, warns a senior US admiral.

As Donald Trump celebrated his 100 days in power yesterday, US Pacific commander Admiral Harry Harris said so many bombs were being dropped that “we need more”.



THIS IS PRECISELY WHY I DO NOT TRUST PUTIN. He KNOWS EXACTLY WHO ISIS?DAESH REALLY ARE and yet he plays these stupid Zionist games, duping Syrians into believing he actually cares about them as people. You cannot claim to be helping Syria liberate its sovereign nation whilst liaising military actions with Syria’s Enemy- Israel and its American Coalition Minions


Moscow is ready to cooperate with Washington on Syria - Lavrov: 
The Russian foreign minister stressed that in order to eliminate the terrorist threat, "it is important that all those fighting terrorism in Syria join their efforts." "I mean the Russian Force and the US-led coalition,"



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