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Stoning to death is Un-Islamic - Part 1

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Stoning to death is Un-Islamic
Posted on January 18, 2011 by admin
The story of
~ the one who has been sentenced ~
“Death by stoning”
Part OneIntroduction In October 2001, a young Muslim woman named Safiya Hussaini was sentenced to “Death by stoning” by an Islamic Sharia Court of Sokoto, North Nigeria. This hardhearted sentence was issued in a country which is bitterly divided between the Muslims in the north and Christians in the south. After world wide protests to save the life of Safiya, and the unceasing efforts of many private and governmental organizations and commissions, that sentenced was overturned on a technical ground. In March 2002,  the Islamic Appeal Court of Sokoto ruled that the act of adultery was committed, before the Sharia Court had made it an illegal act. Recently in August 2002, a thirty years old Muslim widow named Amina Lawal has been sentenced to “Death by stoning”, by another Islamic Sharia Court at Bakori in a nearby State of Katsina, North Nigeria. Amina’s newly born girl – Wasiya, is presently (October, 2002) ten months old. As soon as her period of weaning is over the sentence will be carried out, in a public square. Amina will be buried up to her neck and stoned by the misguided Muslim men of her home town. With each stone they throw, aiming at Amina’s head, they will be raising their voices with the cry of a victory. This inhumane performance of brutality will be carried out before the world media. With their TV cameras zooming from the head of the helpless Amina to the hands of the stone throwers, the commentators will have the field day in captivating their viewers, the world over. Many of these viewers will have no stomach to watch this kind of barbaric punishment after a minute or two. One can easily switch off the TV or change the channel of one’s TV, but how can one shut off his mind, heart and soul from the reality of the “Stoning”? The act of Stoning will commence with small stones and move to the bigger stones, until the guilty party is pronounced dead. The international media will not inform its viewers, listeners and readers  that these stone throwers who are shouting “Allah-u-Akbar” have in reality REJECTED the Revealed Commands of Allah. A Muslim is the one who has submitted himself or herself freely, willingly and voluntarily to the WILL of the Almighty Allah. And, His Will is duly recorded in the Islam’s Scripture – the Qur’an (Koran). The word “stoning” or the phrase “Death by stoning” does NOT appear in the Qur’an, as a penalty for any crime or sin. We shall soon see how this distorted Sharia Law of “Death by stoning” has crept into the Islamic Society, especially in countries like Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. This noble Campaign is requesting the readers to act now and save the life of Amina Lawal, before this sentencing is physically carried. This Campaign is also to eradicate, once and for all, this un-Islamic Law from the Islamic society so that one does not have to make repeated protests. The most appropriate manner of approach would be to ENLIGHTEN the followers of Islam, the world over, with the True Islamic Law that is ordained and promulgated on the subject matter, by Allah Himself. The prescribed penalties are preserved in the Qur’an which the Muslims read today with devotion. Once the educated Muslims are made aware of what that Allah’s Law is and how it is being hi-jacked by a few ill-informed Muslims of Nigeria, they would raise their voices from within the community and request others of like minded to join the protest. Many of the educated Muslims are not aware of the fact that Allah has given the guilty parties the privilege of living and marrying.No believing upright Muslim would like to see, having read these facts, that this God given privilege is wrongfully deprived and the precious lives are cut short under any pretext, plea or rationalization and especially NOT a clarification put forth in the name of Allah and His Deen (religion) – Islam. Allah the Most Merciful has identified “the mankind” as His Vicegerent upon the earth. What we are seeing in this punishment of “Stoning to death” is the other extremity – the Most Mercilessness . No one knows what would be the fate of Amina’s ten months old daughter Wasiya, once her mother is Mercilessly dispatched from this world by an unjust human law enacted as Islamic Sharia Law.~THERE CAN BE NO LAW ABOVE THE LAW OF THE CREATOR~
AMINA LAWAL and her daughter WASIYA
Photo by the courtesy of Globe and Mail, Toronto, CanadaThe day when the prescribed penalty for the sin of adultery and fornication was revealed by Allah through His Messenger Muhammad (s.a.s.), all the past Traditions, Rulings, Examples and Directives from the Prophet and/or from all other individuals or societies do stand repealed permanently. To propagate otherwise, would be to place the “Human Law” above the “Law of Allah”, which in Islam is regarded as an unpardonable sin. The scholarly commentaries presented in part two do clearly demonstrate that Allah’s Law is NOT AT ALL partial or inequitable between married and un-married individuals as being often propagated. There are a few Muslims who do propagate, based upon a “re-reported narrative” called Hadeeth, that the Second Caliph (successor to the Prophet) had said in one of his sermons that there used to be a Revealed Verse for “Death by stoning”but it has since been lost and is not to be found in “The Holy Book”.
I wish to inform these propagators that this is a fundamentally faulty narrative – Hadeeth. Here arethe indisputable facts from the Islamic history to substantiate my remark. i) The Second Caliph died in 644 C.E. ii) The Revelations that came to the Prophet were collected and compiled in a book form by the Third Caliph. iii) This final compilation of the Holy Book (al-Qur’an) was done in 651 C.E. (i.e. seven years after the death of the Second Caliph). In defies logic that a person could have passed such a remark for “The BOOK”, which was compiled years after his death. iv) Even if one was to entertain the notion that the Second Caliph had indeed made such a serious statement in public concerning the Qur’an, then it could not have escaped the notice of his successor who undertook the task of compilation. v) It is inconceivable that not a single member of the Commission, appointed for the compilation of “The Holy Book” did not hear that Sermon nor its narrative. To say that the Third Caliph and/or the Commission knew of the “Lost Verse” and yet ignored the allegations and did not include that verse is to say that they all were totally incompetent. vi) Did Allah who had promised to Guard His Revelation (see Qur’an 41:42; 15:9 and 73: 20) failed to safeguard the “Holy Book”? vii) The fact of the matter is that the Muslim scholars of our ear have discovered that there are over 5,000 weak, spurious and fabricated Hadeeths (sayings and deeds of the Prophet), in circulation that Islam “absolves today”. It is essential to note that the re-narrated narratives (Hadeeths), that are in circulation today were complied more than two centuries after the passing away of the Prophet. For those individuals who had forged the narratives in the name of the Prophet, during that period of six or more generations, it was not difficult to forge narratives in the name of a Caliph. For details of these 5000 Hadeeths that Islam absolves today, please visit But, please complete this article first. In part two, the readers will know what are the precise Commands of Allah for the adulteries and the fornication. There are scholarly comments by Muslim scholars, will lay bare how the Sharia Court has REJECTED Allah’s Revealed Sublime Law. Please click below and read part two. God Bless You All:Save Life – of – Amina Lawal — Part Two


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