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The Truth About 9/11

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9/11 The Underground Verses

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What really happened on September 11?
Only the truth will defend our freedom.

They left us defenseless on that day in September.
So why should we think that they'll keep us "safe" now?

They did nothing that morning to defend our imperiled nation.
Those "hijacked" aircraft weren't even intercepted!

But they showed great compassion for the innocent victims.
They could hardly wait to attack the innocent in Iraq!

Why think these insane wars are something to be proud of?
Typing "dead Iraqi children" into Google should shame us.

Innocents were murdered in the collapse of those towers.
So our response is to murder more innocents in Iraq?

Should our blood-stained hands make us feel any safer?
How could we have allowed such a vile thing to happen?

Why not bring the true culprits to justice?
Why has there been no real investigation?

Why did Building 7 collapse for no apparent reason?
No steel building had ever collapsed due to fire.

Yet three of them all magically collapsed on September 11.
And there was almost no scientific analysis of the rubble.

Why was evidence at a crime scene carted off and destroyed?
And why is our media completely silent on these issues?

Why did Netanyahu say 9-11 was very good for Israel
In an interview conducted immediately thereafter?

Don't believe Netanyahu had the chutzpah to say that?
Google "Netanyahu 9-11 very good for Israel."

Why were the five "dancing Israelis" arrested on 9-11
Released to Israel with little or no investigation?

And what did one of those agents mean in an interview
When he said they were there to "document" the event?

How did they know there'd be an "event" to document?
And if they had foreknowledge, why didn't they warn us?

Why have so few ever heard of the USS Liberty?
Could criminals in government cover up such attacks?

Don't think such criminals could cover up for the attackers?
A Web search on the USS Liberty might change that opinion.

What Middle Eastern nation benefited most from 9-11?
Was it Iraq, Iran, or the nation of Israel?

Don't believe Israelis could slaughter Americans?
The crew of the Liberty might have a different opinion.

Why was there no military response to the attackers?
Are we to believe that the Pentagon has no air defenses?

Why was that aircraft ever allowed over Washington?
And where was our President when all this was happening?

When the second plane hit, did he rise and take action?
Bush cowered idly with children like a faceless coward.

Why was there no order to shoot down those aircraft?
Was reading a pet goat story that much more important?

Why weren't those airplanes at least intercepted?
And why is it that no one has been held accountable?

Those who allowed the attacks now pose as our saviors.
Should we trust such traitors to provide our security?

How secure are the chickens with the Fox in charge?
And how secure is our homeland with a wide open border?

Can there be "homeland security" with no secure border?
Can we win a "war on terror" with our back door left wide open?

And do we really need a war just to catch a few terrorists?
Why can't we simply bring these criminals to justice?

Could it be that they're wearing skullcaps and not turbans?
Perhaps this is the reason they're allowed to run free!

Why should we hearken to such corrupt leaders?
Why should we consider handing them any of our liberties?

Does giving up liberty to tyrants ever give us security?
How safe were the Russians when they gave up their freedom?

Not ever in America will we submit to such evil.
Tyranny, not "terrorism," is what we must fight to be free!


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