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Zionist Agent Mohammad al-Tawhidi Exposed Further: Al-Mustafa University In Qom Confirms He Is A Fraud

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Alhamdulillah ya Rab!! FINALLY! Thank you Iran! The Islamic Republic’s prestigious Al-Mustafa University in the holy city of Qom has issued an official statement decrying the charlatan Mohammad al-Tawhidi and confirming what many Muslims have been saying for months: The man is no sheikh. The man is no imam. The man has no formal completed training in any field of the Islamic sciences. And the man is, for deliberate lack of a more eloquent phrase, a FRAUD THROUGH AND THROUGH. Al-Mustafa Uni said that Tawhidi attended for merely a year, that he failed in his First-year Prepatory Entry, that he had been placed on probation and that “no educational progress had been achieved”. More importantly, Al-Mustafa Uni goes on to say that it does not recommend Tawhidi for lecturing in any way, shape or form, as “accordingly he has no competency to do religious activities or to preach sermons.” ZING!


This couldn’t have come at a more pressing time as Tawhidi is continuing his rampage in both mainstream Australian media, which is controlled by the Zionist likes of Chabadnik Jew Rupert Murdoch and mining tycoon Gina Rinehart, and alt-right media, a Jewish-dominated cesspool of Islamophobes and other bigots who have been SALIVATING for a “Muslim reformer” to “prove” all the warped, fallacious and downright moronic nonsense that they push regarding Islam. Tawhidi is everything that they’ve ever wanted and then some. And over the last week alone, he’s been all over Twitter, making a bid to become the “Army Imam” for the murderous, colonizing, Zionized Australian Armed Forces, accusing the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (S.A.W.W.) companions of being the fathers of ISIS in a wild dose of fitnah, yet again slandering Iran as a terrorism-spreader, calling Hizbullah an “Islamic terrorist cult”, and worst all, MONSTROUSLY, DESPICABLY AND FALSELY claiming that Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini (R.A.) passed an edict that okays the “thighing” of baby girls. Tawhidi, the piss-poor liar that he is, must have the saintly father of the Islamic Revolution confused with his hateful rabbinical buddies whose Talmud very explicitly permits the rape of children.


And on that note, since Tawhidi holds such disdain for our Noble and Perfect Prophet (S.A.W.W.), carries water for the Jewish-Zionist sectarian balkanization agenda, pals around with ‘Israeli’ terrorists like Avi Yemeni, propagandizes against every state and movement that ‘Israel’ considers an enemy, fraternizes with Islam-hating Jews like Gad Saad, openly works with the Mossad-controlled ASIO and ASIS and thinks of himself as “chosen” to lead this totally Zio-sanctioned, totally fraudulent “Islamic Reformation”, he should do himself as well as the rest of us a favor and just convert to Judaism! He could even change his name! How about… Rabbi Moshe Heebi-Jeebi?! Has a particularly putrid ring to it, doesn’t it? Indeed, Rabbi Heebi-Jeebi is what I’ll be calling him from now on! I suggest that all Mouqawamists do the same. Ultimately though, you can refer to him as ALMOST anything that you want. Just don’t call him “Sheikh”. Nor “Imam”. Nor “scholar”. Nor “Muslim”. Nor “Shi’a”. Because he’s none of those things. He is an infiltrator and an agent working on behalf of World Zionism. Al-Mustafa University’s revelations have simply solidified this further. Messiah Jesus (A.S.) famously said, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” May the truth free us from Rabbi Heebi-Jeebi and render him another failed seditious experiment of Dajjal.



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